“Feed a Cold and You’ll Have to Starve a Fever”

Ever heard the old adage, “feed a cold and you’ll have to starve a fever.” Well, it is one of those ancient handed down pieces of wisdom that is actually true. When you feel a cold coming on you have to make sure you are eating right.

If your body is fighting an infection, especially a virus, like the cold, it will need all the help it can get. Eating toxic foods can quickly overload your system and give your cold the upper hand. When your body can no longer fight off a virus with T-cells and white blood cells, it resorts to driving your body temperature up to try and kill the virus or bacteria that way.

This means a fever. A fever will not only make you feel terrible and land you in bed, but it will be a lot harder to fight off than a runny nose or a cough. If you don’t stop eating toxic foods and start cleansing when you feel your cold coming on, you will have to starve your fever away with bed rest and a lot of water.

You can avoid a fever and make a cold go away quickly by cleansing at the onset of a cold. When you feel yourself starting to become ill, you can save your immune system by drinking more fruit and vegetable juice and eliminating meat and refined foods. You will also want to completely get rid of dairy, if you have it in your diet at all, since dairy will only make your body produce more mucus for a virus or bacteria to live in.

By giving yourself the vitamins and minerals you need to keep your immune system strong, you can keep a cold in check. As long as your immune system can keep on top of a cold, it won’t need to use a fever to try and get rid of a viral invader. This means you can fight off a cold on your feet without using synthetic medicines, which are toxic and completely unnecessary.

Eating the right food is natural medicine, just as your body is naturally equipped for health and healing. As long as you have the nutrients you need, your body can fight off illness and heal itself. Toxic foods, however, will not only strip your body of nutrients, but will make it much harder for your immune system to function properly.

Toxic foods upset your pH balance, making your body more acidic, which makes it harder for your immune system to work and easier for invading bacteria and viruses to settle in and multiply. Toxic foods also overload your cleansing organs and force your immune system to focus on ridding itself of strange chemicals, or on regulating blood sugar that spikes from the intake of refined sugar products.

So just remember, when it comes to fighting off a cold, you can either take the easy route by cleansing and eating well before your fever sets in, or you can do it the hard way. If you eat right and take care of yourself before your cold takes over, you will find you never have to worry about starving a debilitating fever.

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