Apple Cleansing Diet

apple cleansing dietThere are two versions of the apple cleansing diet which are increasing in popularity these days.

One version of the diet requires eating nothing but apples for two full days. Another asks you to drink a gallon of unfiltered apple juice and a gallon of water a day in place of regular meals. Both diets have their benefits, but both are extreme. You can do much better on a holistic cleansing diet.

While there isn’t a lot wrong with performing an apple cleansing diet for two days, it does require that you take in a lot of sugar, especially if you are only consuming juice. The fiber and nutrients in apples help us process the sweet, but we are still eating primarily fructose, and this can be a problem for those with a candida infection.

Besides, if you are going to go so far as to do this diet, why not include a variety of raw fruits and vegetables – a hallmark of the best and healthiest cleansing diet?

Why do just an apple cleansing diet?

Why not eat from the large variety of delicious and nutritious fruits out there, like berries, peaches, and grapes? And why would one want to exclude vegetables, like carrots and greens? Each of these foods offer our bodies healing and cleansing nutrients. Any benefits we might get from eating nothing but apples all day will be the same should we merely skip toxic foods and eat only fruits and vegetables for two days.

So, what about a gallon of unfiltered apple juice a day? Is this really easier on your digestive system and as cleansing as it is supposed to be? The fact it is unfiltered means there is some fiber, but not enough to keep all of that fructose from hitting your liver and causing you to pack on fat. Fructose stripped of fiber, by the way, is a poison, which is one of the main points cited in the ongoing HFCS debate. High-fructose corn syrup is a highly concentrated type of fructose molecularity changed to be a super-sugar. It is one of the leading causes of obesity in the nation.

This doesn’t make fruit poisonous, because fiber keeps fructose in check and helps us process it and move it through the digestive system faster. There is just no reason at all we should desire to get our fruit serving from fruit juice instead of solid fruit. Fresh juice can be a supplement to a diet, but not a replacement for solid food.

This video will give you some more insight into our thoughts on the apple cleansing diet:

Drinking a gallon of unfiltered apple juice a day for one week, like the apple cleansing diet recommends, is pretty risky.  Why?

Not only are you missing several essential nutrients, but all of that sugar is going to make you ravenous because your blood sugar will be spiking each time you are flooded with fructose. Then it will rapidly crash as our bodies pump out insulin. Not the best diet plan, if you ask me.

Instead of putting yourself through all that misery, why not let whole food be your detox diet solution. It really is that easy. As mentioned above, there is no reason we can’t eat a variety of raw fruits and vegetables as a kick off to a diet that eliminates processed junk food and includes more healthy, nutrient dense foods like leafy greens, non-glutenous grains, fresh fruit, and other vegetables. This kind of a cleanse is much more healthy and pleasant than an apple cleansing diet.

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