Best Holistic Detox Diet

best holistic detox dietThe best holistic detox diet starts at home.

There are really no supplements involved. In fact, for a great introduction to detox, let’s talk about the foods you won’t be eating…

This is what you should be looking for when seeking out the best detox diet for you.

Throw away or give away refined foods of all types. This includes anything that comes in a box, has a shelf life, or is sealed in a wrapper. Getting rid of processed foods, or foods that contain refined sugar or flour, artificial anything, or corn syrup of any kind, is the first step to eating the best holistic detox diet.

Next, you will want to replace your dairy products with almond milk or hemp milk. Don’t eat eggs or cheese, and give up yogurt as a health food. Eggs and dairy foods make your body¬†acidic and cause mucus build-up in your bowels.

Wheat products and glutenous grains as well as noodles should also be on your list of detox diet no-nos. Gluten is a sticky substance your body doesn’t digest all that well. For hardcore bread fans, realize sour-dough is a leavening process that breaks down gluten partially, but reserve that knowledge for after your initial detox.

Next, restock your fridge and pantry with healthy foods. The last thing to remove will be deli meats, processed meats, and preserved meats. There really couldn’t be anything worse for your colon than these, and they will absolutely have to go. You may like the salty, savory taste, but your body doesn’t need the cancer causing, colon-plugging agents used in modern curing practices.

Now you are ready to begin the best holistic detox diet!

So, what will you be eating during your detox diet? Stock up on fruit and raw vegetables. Believe it or not, these foods are ready to eat directly from the garden or grocery store, no preparation necessary (well, a little washing.) You will also want to buy raw nuts (no peanuts) and raw pumpkin seeds. Replace your white rice and other grains with amaranth or quinoa.

For a sweet snack, buy organic raisins and prunes. These can be incorporated into many healthy dishes and contain a wonderful selection of minerals and vitamins. Dried fruits are a wonderful snack option, just watch out for added flavors, sugars, or preservatives.

The best holistic detox diet definitely includes fresh green juices.

Instead of buying juice at the store, consider juicing at home for fresher, healthier juice. Even organic juices at the store are pasteurized in a process which kills many, if not all, of the greatest health benefits. When you eat whole foods and juice at home, you are cleansing your body with the best diet and in the most effective way possible.

Eating whole foods and eliminating toxic foods will cleanse and detox your entire body in a matter of days. You can speed the process by drinking plenty of water and getting good exercise. You don’t need supplements or and other special products for the best holistic detox diet, just healthy, whole foods.

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