Best Way to Get Natural Vitamin D

Best Way To Get Natural Vitamin DWhat is the best way to get natural vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a nutrient we get mainly from sunlight. Since it is made by and stored in the skin, very few good food sources exist. Even milk fortified with vitamin D is not an adequate source, because most of the nutrients in it are killed in the pasteurization process, and milk actually strips our bones of more nutrients than it provides, meaning any vitamin D benefits are immediately nixed. Milk is also bad for our digestive and respiratory systems.

This leaves few choices when it comes to getting this very special ingredient naturally. The best way to get adequate doses, therefore, is still through getting plenty of sunlight. You get all the vitamin D you need from ten to fifteen minutes of daily sun exposure- as long as light can touch your entire body. Unfortunately, this can lead to other complications for those who burn easily, especially if there is not a sufficient amount of antioxidants in the diet.

It is not enough to spend time in the sun for the best way to get natural vitamin D…..

That is why getting this vitamin in adequate and healthy amounts has to be part of a total diet plan.  Too much sun exposure can lead to other complications unless the entire body is taken care of and fortified against cancer and burns. Only those who eat plenty of dark, leafy greens, fruits, and other vegetables should even try to get vitamin D this way.

Furthermore, for people in dark, cold, Northern climates, sun exposure in the winter can be a near impossibility. This is one reason why the winter blues are so common. Taking a supplement, however, is not enough, since the body cannot use Vitamin D without sunlight.  Tanning beds, although not the best option, can be used instead, but, in this case, proper nutrition is even more essential, since beds are known to be cancer causing. The answer is to use both a natural food supplement and to limit time in the tanning bed.

 The best way to get natural vitamin D in a food or supplement source is…..

Cod liver oil. Using it daily, in conjunction with a weekly, short stint in a tanning bed can significantly boost levels of this nutrient. For those who are experiencing health problems and depression, this can help, but it should, again, be part of a total diet and eating plan. Changing a poor diet through cleansing and detoxing will not only aid the immune system, it will increase absorption and proper use of all vitamins and minerals.

No matter how we choose to get more of this nutrient, it will only benefit us properly if it is part of balanced diet, which includes other vitamins and minerals, like calcium, phosphorous and vitamin E. While it is essential, and plays a very special role in our health, vitamin D does not act alone, nor can we expect to get it from sunlight if we are not getting plenty of antioxidants and eating properly.

Before we step into the daylight or into a tanning booth, it is important to cleanse and detox so we can get all the benefits of sun exposure, instead of the negative side effects. Instead of supplementing a poor diet, the best way to get natural vitamin D can be part of a greater search for overall health, youth, and vitality.


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