Better Energy Through Juicing or Coffee in the Morning?

Most of us love our morning coffee so much that we can hardly imagine waking up without it. The problem with that is the caffeine in coffee does provide stimulation and get us going, but also causes a terrible crash in energy, poor sleeping habits, and a very real, noticeable addiction. In fact, Western doctors have acknowledged that an apple in the morning provides more energy and much better health than a cup of coffee ever could.

That is because an apple contains nutrients which wake your brain up, natural sugars, and fiber, giving you energy to burn. Just like juicing, eating an apple delivers a combination of health-boosting, energy boosting substances without a crash, and without the other negatives that a cup of coffee comes with. Can you believe, in the long term, coffee and caffeine make you more tired?

Juicing, on the other hand, increases your energy over time, doesn’t strip your body of nutrients, and makes you healthier every time. Each morning you start off with cleansing juice is a morning that you give your body the best start possible. You deliver vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes, along with natural sugars and antioxidants that your body can use to fight fatigue and disease every day.

Juice from raw, whole fruits and vegetables contain all of the living, healthy contents in plant cells that store water and nutrients for the plant. When you juice, you burst the cell membrane, leaving behind the bulky fiber, and making the healthy vitamins, minerals, and other healthful substances become immediately available to your body. Your digestive system can immediately absorb them, without expending too much energy on digestion.

This means that juicing delivers energy and health even faster than an apple, and it hydrates you. Coffee, on the other hand, dehydrates you, overstimulates you, and detracts from your body’s stored nutrients. Coffee also causes a crash, which follows the somewhat nervous, jittery energy provided by caffeine, and makes it difficult to be satisfied with just one cup a day.

If you put sugar and milk in your coffee, you are doing something even worse for your body than just drinking caffeine, because you are adding high blood sugar and mucus producing dairy to your daily routine. You will find, however, that you needn’t add any refined ingredients to your morning juice glass, it will naturally be sweet and delicious, providing the perfect breakfast and energy drink all in one.

So, leave the coffee in the morning in favor of a healthy, body cleansing, energizing fresh juice from your juicer. You might miss the caffeine at first, but once you realize how much better you feel without it, you will be glad you’ve finally moved on.

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