Can Barley Grass Cause Headaches?

barley grass

Barley grass is a fabulous detox companion.

While common detox symptoms can include mild to severe headaches, it is unlikely that barley grass itself is causing your headache. Often, headaches are caused by withdrawals, such as from alcohol and caffeine, or from expanded blood vessels, which can be caused by a number of factors, including food allergies. Therefore, only someone allergic to barley grass would be in danger of getting a headache.

Since barley grass is a vitamin-rich green supplement…

It can actually help you during a detox, and support you nutritionally afterward. Barley grass is often suggested to migraine sufferers as part of a preventative diet regimen because it helps cleanse irritants that trigger migraines. It is also a powerful blood cleanser, immune booster, and cancer fighter.

If you are detoxing for the first time, you may have symptoms such as rashes, headaches and nausea. These symptoms are normal, and are triggered by a flood of toxins, which are being released from your cells and tissue, and coming into your blood stream for elimination. These symptoms will undoubtedly be uncomfortable, but they are only temporary.

In the event that detox symptoms last longer than a week or become extremely severe, you may want to consult a physician, especially if you think you are having some kind of allergic reaction to food or a supplement. Although very rare, barley grass can cause a mild reaction in people with grass allergies. Because allergic reactions involve histamines and the enlargement of red blood cells, a headache is a possible, but rare, side effect of using barley grass.

If you think that you are having an allergic reaction based on a known sensitivity to grass, you should stop using barley grass right away. If what you are experiencing are detox symptoms, then there are things you can do to ease the discomfort until the toxins pass out of your system. If you have just begun a detox and are experiencing headaches, nausea, or a skin rash, you are very likely reacting to the detox, and not to any particular food or supplement.

In this case you can take a warm shower, cleanse your skin, use relaxing oils such as lavender or eucalyptus for aroma therapy, or drink tea. If you are experiencing nausea, try juicing some ginger with an apple. When available, massages and saunas are a big help, but not necessary; there is plenty you can do to relax on your own.

Most importantly, get plenty of rest during a detox. You will be tired for a while and may feel a little weak, but it will soon pass. As for barley grass, it is a wonderful, nutritious supplement, but it isn’t essential for a successful cleanse, so don’t worry if you can’t find it at your local health food store.

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