Good Health Comes From a Healthy Digestive System

Tweet A healthy digestive system is the secret to good health. If ancient Greek physicians were right when they said “death starts in the colon,” it is equally right to say good health begins in the digestive system. Your digestive system is where food is turned into energy and nutrients to keep you alive. It [...]

Toxin Cleanse – Why You Need It

Tweet Why do you need a toxin cleanse? For those who are new to the idea, this question is very important. Many of us don’t hear much about toxins unless we are dealing with chemicals in cleaning supplies or house paint. There are actually toxins everywhere that we should be aware of – even in [...]

5 Reasons to Nix These Worst Foods: Fast Foods

Tweet Fast foods are hands down some of the worst foods around. Some estimate that about 78% of Americans eat fast food at least twice a week. Looking at the average weight and health of Americans, it should be easy to get a picture of why fast food is not a good option. Still, many [...]

Cleansing for Depression

Tweet Cleansing for depression may just save your life. We don’t often associate the causes of depression with food. Food can be what we turn to in our depression for comfort, but, if we eat the wrong foods, we may be perpetuating a cycle that keeps us tired, depressed, and irritable. It is because food [...]

3 Toxic Fats You Must Avoid

Tweet There are many toxic fats on the market right now. Many cooking oils on the market today are highly toxic fats.  You may not know the difference between toxic fats and those that offer your body health and nourishment. So which are really healthy and useful, and which toxic fats must be avoided? Extra [...]

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