Client Journey’s – Total Wellness Cleanse

Tweet Thanks to the inspirational emails I was motivated every day to keep up the good work! I enjoyed the Cleanse.  I was mystified at first by the menus but once I found the things that I liked and worked out how to live without cooked food it got much easier.  Admittedly I gave up [...]

Total Wellness Cleanse – Client Testimonials

Tweet It taught us how to eat better, making us feel better, have more energy and most importantly, feel better about OURSELVES! My husband and I both started The Cleanse at the same time and have had wonderful results. We had a lot more energy, felt great, and lost weight. Our biggest hurdle was that [...]

Yuri’s Toxin-Free Cleanse

Tweet Want to be toxin-free? Just follow this simple cleanse and you can be rid of stored contaminants in a flash. This is an easy, common sense diet that really works. The things in your body that make you ill, overweight, tired, irritable, aging, or acne come from your environment and the foods you eat. [...]

I’m Allergic to Nuts – Where Can I Get My Protein?

Tweet If you are allergic to nuts, not to worry. Being allergic to nuts doesn’t mean you will have trouble getting enough protein during a cleanse.  Protein is in all foods.  Seeds, lean fish, and beans are all great non-nut sources. In fact, nuts are primarily FAT and not PROTEIN!  In addition, many of us [...]

Raw Foods, Even in the Winter!

Tweet Raw foods might not be on the top of your list of winter comfort foods, but they should be. Often, warm soups, potatoes and other hot foods are what we rely on to cut the chill of the cold season. While we won’t tell you to deny yourself some of the familiar dietary comforts [...]

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