Cleansing for Depression

cleansing for depression

Cleansing for depression may just save your life.

We don’t often associate the causes of depression with food. Food can be what we turn to in our depression for comfort, but, if we eat the wrong foods, we may be perpetuating a cycle that keeps us tired, depressed, and irritable. It is because food influences our moods and energy levels that cleansing can relieve depression.

Cleansing for depression can change your mood in as little as a few days.

Before we talk about what cleansing does to bring us through and out of depression, let’s explore some of the ways our eating habits cause us to become lethargic, sad, and despondent. Food affects energy levels and moods through a chemical process much the way drugs do. We become addicted to certain foods while other foods elevate our moods temporarily and later cause a crash.  We also suffer withdrawal symptoms from foods and food additives.

The intake of certain foods in conjunction with antibiotics can lead to the overgrowth of a fungus known as candida. A candida infection affects our moods, mental clarity and ability to concentrate. It is a stubborn fungus that can only be destroyed and controlled by cleansing and a proper diet.

Cleansing removes the worst foods from our diet: refined sugars, refined flours, trans fats, chemical additives, caffeine, eggs, and dairy. These foods are the culprits that cause our moods to fluctuate. Food-caused depression is a result of bodily fatigue, chemical crashes, and withdrawals. By eliminating the food culprits from our diet, we will not become happier immediately, but the steps to stop the cycle will be in place.  Cleansing is the beginning of overcoming depression.

Cleansing for depression removes toxic foods from your diet and adds foods back in which are stabilizing, healthful, and conducive to high energy. Natural, whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and lean meats stabilize blood sugar levels, help cleanse toxins from the body, and help the mind to focus. These foods undo fatigue, eliminate mood fluctuations from sugar, caffeine, and other chemicals, and, though they may increase detox symptoms temporarily, they ultimately help to cleanse the body of residuals that cause withdrawal-related depression.

Moodiness and depression is normal when your life circumstances cause emotional upheaval, but they should not be a daily, weekly, or monthly occurrence. When you notice that you are trapped in a mood cycle, or feeling emotionally and physically depressed, it is a great idea to start to treat your moods with a natural body cleanse.

Cleansing for depression will give you an energy and mood boost, while increasing your overall vitality.

Getting control of your daily eating habits will greatly improve the quality of your life. Cleanse to get yourself out of a funk, overcome depression and moodiness, and take control of your health. Food really can help you when you are feeling down, but only if you know how to use it.  Cleansing for depression will lift not only your moods, but your overall health as well.

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