Cleansing While On Vacation

If you plan to follow a cleansing program while on vacation, good for you!  Most people put on a few pounds while on vacation, but you are going to get slimmer and healthier!  Sounds like the best vacation ever, doesn’t it?  There are so many cleanses out there that require you to buy herbal concoctions that promise to clean your organs and your intestines while limiting you to lemonade, juices, or even just water for a few days.  The good news is you don’t need any of that stuff to keep the cleanse going while on the road and you get to eat, too!

If you’re planning a trip to a tropical climate, you are in the best possible location to do a cleanse!  There is so much amazing fresh fruit available in these countries.  You really have your pick of the best foods available on earth.

What if cleansing on vacation doesn’t sound like a vacation to you?  No problem.  Don’t think of cleansing as missing out on something.  Think about all the amazing food you would miss out on if you didn’t cleanse!  Better yet, think of how amazing you’re going to feel as you make continual progress!  When we go to Mexico, we go to the local market and buy loads of fresh fruit.  We spend a fraction of what it would cost to buy the same fruit back home and it is the freshest, most ripe fruit you have ever tasted.   Eat papaya with lime for breakfast, make fruit smoothies during the day, and make fresh mango/avocado salad with coriander, lime, and a little salt and pepper for dinner.  The possibilities are endless while on vacation.  In Mexico, we follow the cleanse program without even planning to do so!

What if you’re not going to a tropical climate? No problem.  Read through the cleanse materials to get familiar with the cleanse process and be clear on your goals.  We’ve had several clients who successfully managed the cleanse while attending dinner meetings on the road for weeks on end.  They succeeded because they had a goal, they made one food decision at a time, and all of those healthy decisions snowballed into one giant cleansing success.

I would recommend starting the cleanse before you go on vacation.  If you’re giving up some dietary vices like coffee and alcohol, you could have a headache for the first few days of the cleanse as your body adjusts.  It’s best to get over that hurdle before you board the plane!  Since our cleanse is based on food and not supplements, it is a very gentle cleanse, so you really don’t have to worry about detox effects.  However, your personal cleanse experience depends on your personal level of toxicity, so if you start detoxing too fast and get uncomfortable with the process, you can eat heartier foods to slow down the detoxification at any point.  You’re in control.

Again, it’s best to discover and anticipate any hurdles before you board the plane.  Start the cleanse before you go on vacation to test the cleanse waters.  You don’t need supplements and you don’t need to forgo all food to subsist on some cleansing drink.  All you need is a plan and a goal, and you’re going to do awesome in any dietary situation!

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