Cleansing Your Body, Cleanse Your Mind

Before you can succeed at cleansing your body, you may have some psychological and emotional hurdles to overcome. These may be in the form of past anger, emotional trauma, or a number of other emotions, events, and fears you have buried. When you are cleansing, especially in the first week, anything you haven’t dealt well with in your emotional and psychological past will crop up, and you must be willing to face it.

Don’t let this scare you. Everyone has the strength and ability to come to terms with their past and themselves. You can do it, too, especially if you are prepared.

There are techniques you can use during this process to cleanse your mind and heal your emotional and psychological wounds. If you don’t face your problems, you will very likely not have a successful cleanse. The body and the mind are within each other, both physically and metaphysically.

Did you know that there is a map of your entire body in your mind? Your mind is constantly sending signals and receiving them from every organ, every limb, every cell. Likewise, your mind lives in your body, where it is contained, and your body communicates with your mind in a cooperative dialogue to keep you well.

This is precisely how bad thoughts can weaken your immune system, and how exhaustion can make you moody. It is also why stress eventually kills you. Your thoughts, your emotions, moods, and memories, are all being played out in your body all the time.

Likewise, emotional, physical, and psychological trauma stay stored in your mind and manifest physically in your body. When you are cleansing, especially while you are suffering a healing crisis, these past traumas will all be realized.

During a healing crisis, you will be moody, emotional, tired, and anxious, but you can get through it. Exercise is one way to relieve these stresses and emotions. Vigorous exercise, like running or aerobics is a very good way to get over anxiety and anger. Yoga is extremely calming, since it combines breath and movement to put you in the present moment.

Breathing techniques, like breathing meditations in which you focus on your breath, will calm you and stabilize you when things get too difficult. Tai Chi is another excellent way to stay grounded and centered. Your goal is to work out the negativity gently, while breathing in and embracing acceptance and peace.

If you use these techniques, you should be able not just to have a successful cleanse, but to enjoy healing in both your body and your mind. This is essential to you becoming the healthy, energetic person you want to be. A holistic cleansing program, which heals your body and your mind, is the only real way to cleanse.

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