Common Detox Herbs

common detox herbsThere are many common detox herbs that can help your body heal and detox.

These common detox herbs have individual health benefits and are great for a cleansing. Often, herbs are for specific ailments or parts of the body. There are some common detox herbs, however, that have an overall cleansing effect.

Three of the common detox herbs which make great full-body cleansers are actually more common that one might think.

Dandelion, capsicum, and turmeric are powerful herbs with major health benefits. The wonderful news is, these herbs can be found in most Western homes.

Dandelion roots, dried and used for tea, are commonly used for cleansing the liver. Dandelion greens are also safe and edible and contain phytochemicals that help cleanse the entire body. Of course, Dandelion should be avoided by anyone who has an allergy, but in general the dandelion is a safe, useful, edible herb that is probably growing right in your back yard!

Capsicum, or cayenne pepper, is a common ingredient in many popular recipes, including American chili and Mexican dishes. Cayenne pepper is also a wonderful, cleansing herb, which aids in circulation, detoxification and weight loss. A very easy way to benefit from cayenne pepper is to stir a pinch into a cool glass of water, squeeze in fresh lemon, and drink fairly quickly. Capsicum is antiseptic and antioxidant, meaning it fights aging and disease.

Turmeric, a Turkish and Indian spice, has a beautiful golden color and a very unique flavor. One of turmeric’s major benefits are its anti-inflammatory qualities. Turmeric is also great for digestion and regulates menstruation. Many believe it is wonderful for the skin, eyes and teeth, and use it as a cream or a salve. Turmeric is a common ingredient in mid-Eastern and Indian cuisine, and easy to find and purchase.

Although not as common as dandelion, capsicum and turmeric, other body cleansers include milk thistle, hibiscus and licorice root. Each of these herbs benefit the body by helping it to expel toxins through cell renewal, stimulate the bowels, and fight disease. For the best herbal remedies at home, keep it simple.

Using common detox herbs as spices, in many cases, is a great way to take in herbs.

Basil, rosemary, parsley and cilantro all have wonderful cleansing benefits and make great additions to salads or steamed vegetables. Another cleansing agent which may surprise you is pumpkin seed. Not only does pumpkin seed provide healthy linolenic acid, it helps the body expel parasites.

Cleansing common detox herbs are everywhere, and are especially present in a healthy diet, which uses less processed foods and depends more on raw and fresh ingredients. Herbs are nature’s medicine, and they help our bodies detoxify and heal. Many of us have all the cleansing herbs we need in our kitchen or growing in our backyard, we simply didn’t know it until now. Start benefiting from these common detox herbs today!

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