Dangerous Colon Cleanse Products

dangerous colon cleanse productsColon cleansing, in itself, is not dangerous, but there are some dangerous colon cleanse products on the market.

Improving the health of the colon is something anyone can do, and there is no need for expensive, albeit, dangerous colon cleanse products and treatments. Beware of anyone who tells you otherwise, and avoid gimmicks to make sure your cleanse is successful.

Some colon cleansers are merely laxatives with harmful side effects. These include ingredients that can dehydrate you and strip your body of natural electrolytes. Any time a laxative is involved in a cleansing product, it is best avoided.

Other dangerous colon cleanse products will use a drug, also considered a laxative, which causes the muscles of the colon to contract and release rapidly. This is actually terrible for the colon muscle and causes laxative dependence. Many of the chemicals involved are unnatural and can be unsafe in high doses.

Colonics are somewhat invasive and risky. They work well for some and not for others.  Those who perform colonics may not have proper training, so it is best to do plenty of research and ask lots of questions if you are considering this procedure. The truth is, there is no need for it, all you need for a true, effective colon cleanse comes from nature. After all, colonics are incredibly unnatural!

It is food that provides the necessary ingredients for maintaining the entire digestive system. A healthy colon needs plenty of fiber, healthy fats, and water to function properly. It also needs helpful bacteria, known as probiotics, to properly break down food and absorb nutrients. If you want to cleanse and be as regular as you should be, nutrition is where you should put your focus.

Natural foods, especially fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, and seeds, provide the best ingredients for moving food out of the body. Foods which hinder this process include anything acidic, like dairy, eggs, caffeine, refined sugar, and too many refined and/or glutenous grains. Think of these foods as sticky foods; they cause digested waste to stick inside and plug the colon.

If you want to be regular, you will need to eliminate or severely limit these foods in favor of a more natural, balanced diet. Your daily meals should consist mostly of fruits and vegetables, with beans, nuts, and/or seeds, non-glutenous grains, and lean meats (if you choose to eat meat) making up the remainder. Your colon will cleanse itself beautifully.

For true results, avoid these dangerous colon cleanse products and address the heart of the matter – your diet.

By removing toxic foods, you will gain balance to your whole body, and this means your entire digestive tract, from consumption to elimination, will function exactly as it should. There is no need to mess around with laxative or invasive procedures, all you need is great nutrition, so leave those dangerous colon cleanse products at the store!

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