Detox Diet Menu

Detox Diet MenuWhen it comes to cleansing, the right detox diet menu is all you need!


If you are looking to start a natural, full body cleanse, you came to the right place. My 30-day detox will help you shed unwanted pounds, get rid of parasites, and get back to the healthy body you deserve. I know, no matter who you are, how difficult finding a lasting, effective detox can be. I designed this cleansing program with your health in mind. You don’t have to look any further.


First, how do you know when you’ve found a cleanse that will do everything you want it to? There are plenty of cleansing and detox programs out there, why is this one different? I hope you are asking yourself these questions, because I have the answer for you. While other programs put you on unsustainable diets or a fourteen-day crash-course for weight loss, my program aims to do something better: Give you a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. I know cleansing is not just something we do, it is something we live. Unless you change your bad eating habits in the long term, going on a strict diet for a few weeks will do nothing for you.


Where other diets fail is where they attempt to convince you that you don’t have to change the way you eat and live. Most other cleanses would have you believe that if you do something for a few days, you will be able to drop weight and keep it off, or get cleansed and stay that way. Of course, there is absolutely no logic to that, and a whole lot of proof that fad dieting doesn’t work. If you really want to have energy, look great, fight disease and aging, and feel young and vibrant again, you have to change your lifestyle. Stop giving junk food the stage in your diet, and put it back in its place as an occasional treat.


While that may sound difficult, I know you can do it. I know because I have helped many overcome their bad eating habits and worst cravings. The truth is, you have to treat your unhealthy eating habits as they are: addictions. Addictions can be overcome. It takes work, willpower, and knowledge, but anyone can do it. If you are dedicated to feeling and living better, you have everything you need to start a detox diet and see it through!


Let a detox diet menu can be your guide!


The hardest thing to let go of is the foods we are used to. Even when we understand they are making us sick, overweight, or unhealthy, familiar foods bring a special kind of comfort to us. When we stop putting them down as options, we feel lost. We don’t know what to eat instead. That is where a simple cleansing menu can really come to the rescue. Having an idea of what we will be eating each day, preparing it ahead of time, and having it ready and available, virtually eliminates temptation. Most of our worst eating choices are made on the fly, during times of stress, or when we just don’t know what we want.


However, by learning to follow a menu and recognize good choices, we can begin to overcome even our most ingrained food habits. The point of a menu is to serve as a transitional guide. You learn to eat and love raw, whole foods. In turn, eating well helps you, heals you, and leaves you feeling great. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the rewards of eating well will keep you coming back to a healthy diet. Once you make fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and non-glutinous grains your daily routine, you won’t want to go back.


The secret is finding a menu you can stick to, one which doesn’t call for hard to find foods or expensive ingredients. In order for something new to work, it has to be practical. That is how I designed my 30 day detox and diet plan, and that is what you will find in the menu below. I’m not asking you to spend loads of money on imported foods. I am asking you to approach the Total Wellness plan with an open mind and the spirit of change and improvement. Otherwise you won’t be successful.


The Total Wellness sample detox menu:


This sample menu will let you see what a typical day may be like on a cleansing diet. On the 30-day detox diet, I recommend kicking off with a safe cleanse, such as the master cleanser. For about one week, you will drink the master cleanse, then, you will gradually start adding in raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and non-glutinous grains. I even make room for chicken breast and fish. If you eat raw for most of the day, there is nothing wrong with a cooked meal for supper. I recommend steaming vegetables until they are just tender crisp. This way they maintain their most important nutrients, and are still easy to digest.


Breakfast foods:

Fruit salad



Green juice

Decaffeinated tea

A mixed berry smoothie


Snack foods:

Dried, fruit juice sweetened cranberries

A handful of raw pumpkin seeds

Raw carrots

A medium apple

¼ cup raw almonds

2 or 3 chopped Celery sticks, leafy herbs included

Green juice

Apple-carrot smoothie (blend with unfiltered apple juice and add ice for a chilled drink.)


Great lunches:

½ cup raw broccoli and 2 chopped carrots with hummus

Raw spinach, cucumber, and red pepper salad with vinaigrette dressing

4 or 5 raw seeded dates wrapped in kale leaves

Mixed greens (spinach, red leaf, romaine, parsley, basil) with tomato and vinaigrette



Steamed broccoli or other lightly steamed vegetables

Cauliflower Mash (just like mashed potatoes, only better!)

Roasted chicken breast or Fresh salmon

Quinoa with raisons and raw, sliced almonds


Hopefully these menu items give you an idea of what you might be eating during a cleanse. I also have a special liver cleansing diet menu, to help you clear out one of your body’s most important cleansing organs. With both menus, you get to eat a variety of foods and you will have no problem getting enough to eat. If you eat light and often, your metabolism will stay tuned up and you will burn more calories. You can detox your body anywhere, anytime with a simple, delicious detox diet menu like this one!


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