Detox Headache – Why Does it Happen?

detox headacheA detox headache is never fun.

They can be dull, steady aches, or splitting, stabbing pains. And while they cause discomfort, they are a good sign.

A detox headache is a withdrawal symptom which occurs as your body becomes flooded with toxins on their way out. When the body is detoxing, cells and tissues begin to expel toxic ingredients stored inside them. These toxins enter the blood stream and temporarily overload the body with poison.

A detox headache can last 1 to 7 days during a cleanse.

A detox headache is one symptom or consequence of this temporary increase in toxins. While it is different for everyone, in general, the duration of the detox headache will depend on a couple of factors. The first factor is how toxic your body is and the types of toxins, whether they be caffeine detox effects or detox effects from alcohol, preservatives, narcotics, or prescription meds, etc.

The second factor is how efficiently your body is eliminating toxins. The good news is that, in many ways, you have control over how well your body expels toxins during a cleanse. There are certain things you can do to make sure that toxins are flushed out of your system as quickly as possible.

One of the things you can do to move toxins out of the body is to make sure to drink plenty of water. Water with a fresh lemon slice will be even better at delivering cleansing fluids and antioxidants. While cleansing, you need water more than ever, and you may even need to increase your water intake slightly.

You will also help your body cleanse by opening your pores in a variety of ways. Hot showers are wonderful for relieving a detox headache and other symptoms, because they open the pores and let toxins out of the skin to be washed away. While cleansing, two or three hot showers a day may be needed to relax the muscles and release toxic substances, but only during the first two to three days.

Saunas are also very helpful, although, you should be prepared, since they can cause symptoms such as dizziness, and can result in a flush that may lead to a rash. At all times, but especially during a cleanse, when you use a sauna get out frequently to rinse away sweat and toxins.

While a detox headache is extremely unpleasant, they are actually a good sign.

The detox headache signals that your body is releasing toxins and trying to eliminate them. Your job is to respect the process and aid it as much as possible by cleansing the skin and drinking plenty of fresh water.

One other piece of advice when it comes to a detox headache is to get plenty of rest. Your body will certainly need extra time for sleep and relaxation. Don’t overdo it, and try to avoid taking painkillers for relief from symptoms.

Riding out your detox headache may not be easy, but it will certainly be rewarding. When you are toxin-free, you will get sick less often, look better and have more energy. A detox headache may be terribly unpleasant, but it is a small price to pay for a healthier life!

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