Drink Your Water!

If you choose a tall glass of water over a soda, you’ll save yourself roughly 140 calories each time.  If you do the math, and stop drinking a soda a day, that’s 51,100 calories a year, or 14.6 pounds of FAT that could accumulate on your body in that time!  Yikes.

Not only is it better to drink water from a caloric standpoint, but for your overall health as well.  The sensation of thirst and the sensation of hunger are the same.    There are times when you may assume you’re hungry and you are actually thirsty!  When people feel a pang, they assume it’s hunger most of the time.  When you get the feeling that most people associate with thirst, you are actually way beyond thirsty and are actually dehydrated.  It’s your body saying – you ignored me before but now I MUST have water!  The problem just gets worse if you choose a sugar-laden drink at this point because at this point, you let your mind override your body’s needs.  You think – “I just had an iced tea, so I don’t need water, I must be hungry!”  Take a second when you get the feeling of hunger and think about what your body needs.  When was the last time you had a glass of water?

Many people are so addicted to processed, sugary foods that their bodies are more in tune with a sugar craving than a water craving.  When you constantly eat sugary foods, your body is in a constant need for sugar.  You eat sugar, your blood sugar levels go up, and then your blood levels crash, resulting in the need for more sugar to bring them up once again.  With all this going on, the need for water gets overlooked, and this is when you will reach for a soda instead of a glass of pure water.

Just because sodas and juices have water in them does not mean you can drink them like water.  First of all, they are loaded with calories.  Second of all, they are loaded with anti-nutrients such as high fructose corn syrup and food colouring.  Lastly, soda is carbonated.  It might as well be called osteoporosis in a can.  In order to neutralize the acid found in a can of soda, your body uses alkaline minerals from your blood.  It likes to use calcium.  Then, in order to replenish your blood levels of calcium, your body steals it from your bones.  This is probably why my dentist told me that I have virtually no calcium in my teeth.  I drank loads of pop as a child!  If only I knew then what I know now…

If you’re serious about cleansing, and following a body detox diet, then you should only be consuming water and freshly made juices; preferably vegetables juices.    Drinking water helps to cleanse your body and keep your body hydrated so it can carry out bodily processes efficiently.  When you are dehydrated, your body’s cells are unable to move and perform efficiently and often get stuck together.  Instead of a fast moving river, your blood could look more like a sewage plant.  So make your body’s job easier and keep hydrated!

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