Healthiest Cleansing Diet

What is the Healthiest Cleansing Diet?

healthiest cleansing dietThe healthiest cleansing diet plan is one that uses whole foods to cleanse your body naturally. It will never suggest unnatural pills or tonics, or a strict, starvation diet.

A healthy cleansing diet will, instead, educate you so that you can take control of your own eating habits and find greater health and vitality naturally.

That’s right, you don’t have to starve yourself or go on a liquid diet to cleanse. All you need is good, healthy, whole foods, like fruits and vegetables, and some will power. Because healthy foods contain anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals, they can easily work with your body to cleanse you and restore health and energy.

Plus, with natural whole foods you can enjoy the benefits and simplicity of making fresh juices and smoothies. Eating while (and cleansing) couldn’t be any easier.

What a Cleansing Diet is NOT…

On the other hand, a diet or cleanse based on pills, tonics, or energy drinks might be able to help you lose weight and feel better while you are on them, but once you stop, you will go back to your normal eating habits.

Our approach at the Total Wellesss Cleanse is to empower you – for life – with better eating habits so that you can naturally cleanse your body and lose weight in healthy and sustainable fashion.

And to be quite honest, any attempt at cleansing your body other than through a food-based approach is short-term and short-lived, at best.

The reason you will eat as you did before is that you haven’t taken the time to learn new, healthy, eating habits. And, just as they did before, your old eating habits will make your body toxic and cause you to gain weight.

A healthy cleansing diet won’t let that happen.

You will be able to confront and overcome your old eating habits, while you establish a new appreciation for nutritionally-dense, whole foods. These foods will cleanse you, revitalize you, and make you feel better than ever before.

And the best part?

You won’t ever want to eat the old way again because when you follow the healthiest cleansing diet (ie. the Total Wellness Cleanse) you can rest assured that you will never fall back into your old eating habits ever again.

But don’t take it from us, check out what some of our “transformed” clients have to say about our healthiest cleansing diet…

“I have a general look of being more toned and have lost a total of 7lbs and 7 inches overall.”

“Whenever I buy a new product I frustrate myself by reading review after review and researching all the pro and cons in great detail before I’m ready to purchase.

When I first came across Yuri (creator of the Total Wellness Cleanse), I was looking for a personal training MP3. It sounded great so I bought it. It was great. I then purchased his book and some of the other workouts. These were also fantastic, keeping me motivated whilst explaining in simply terms why certain things do what.

So when I saw the Cleanse I had no hesitation in purchasing it. No need to do any research as I already feel very confident in all of his products. They all work fantastically to get you the results you want and are all easy to follow.

It is by far the healthiest cleansing diet I could have imagined and it’s straight forward and very easy to follow. No guess work is required which I love; it’s all laid out for you, exactly what to do and when to do it.

I am not an overweight person, but I was starting to feel bloated after eating and generally tired – all of the time.
Right from about day 3 I noticed that my stomach looked much less swollen and by the end of week one I had lost 1.5 inches each from my chest, waist and hips.

The most noticeable thing for me was that the underside of my jaw had tightened and my skin looked very clear and the small red capillaries on my cheeks had reduced.

I followed this through, adding a mix of cacoa nibs and nuts if I felt I was feeling the need to stray from the path and am thrilled with the results, I have a general look of being more toned and have lost a total of 7lbs and 7 inches overall.

I have absolute faith in all of Yuri’s programs; being an avid researcher I cannot find anything to fault in the safety and effectiveness of each one I have used. If you want to look and feel better this is not another fad diet or ill-conceived ‘diet’ plan, but the start of a new way of life. Totally recommended. If you have any queries along the way the team is always very quick to respond, so it’s a winner all round.

Thank you for all of the help and support.”

- Vanessa


“The ONLY cleanse that really works!”

“The Total Wellness Cleanse is THE ONLY cleanse that really works. On top of the health results & weight loss & feeling good about your body, it fights depression too. THANK YOU for your great program. You are reaching out helping people. How thankful I am to you.”

- Bruchy


“My blood sugar is now normal, my blood pressure is normal and I am quite sure that my cholesterol and triglycerides will be normal as well.”

“Hi Yuri. Thank you for your amazing program. The sheer amount of support and information that came daily was inspirational for me. I loved getting up early just to read my emails and download the treats!

I did not follow the program exactly because I was sidelined by an illness but I can tell you that my mood was soaring as was my energy. Food became more tasty and exciting and the food prep became like a meditation for me.

I would never have believed it was possible for me to make such “radical changes” but with your Total Wellness Cleanse it was so easy. My blood sugar is now normal, my blood pressure is normal and I am quite sure that my cholesterol and triglycerides will be normal as well. Miracles happen. Keep saving lives, my friend!”

- Shelley Eckstein


“I really was blown away by the level of support…”

“The Total Wellness Cleanse is not only the healthiest cleansing diet I’ve ever used but it’s also amazing value for the money!! Yuri (and Amy) provided me with so much information I couldn’t help but succeed on this program. I don’t have a weight problem and my intention was not to lose weight but to see how healthy I could be and how mentally tough I could be. But I didn’t get challenged very much because Yuri made it so easy.

I really was blown away by the level of support and just how valuable his very regular emails are. He signs his emails “your friend and coach” and that’s exactly the vibe I get from Yuri.

I feel he truly cares about me as if I am a real friend. I’ve been a fan for a while but having experienced his valuable service at a different level (with the Total Wellness Cleanse) I know I’ll be a fan for life. Thanks Yuri. You rock!!!! To anyone thinking of doing this program, just do it….you won’t regret it.”

- Carla M.


Talk about some pretty powerful testimonials, right?

Well, that’s what happens when you follow a cleanse that has been specially designed to work with your body and give it what it needs for ultimate nourishment and rejuvenation.

If you’re looking for the healthiest cleansing diet then look no further – get started today!

healthiest cleansing diet





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