How Do I Rid My Body of Toxins from Everyday Chemicals?

how do I rid toxins from my bodyEven when we are careful, chemicals can creep into our bodies through our nose, skin, and food.

Normal products, like household cleaners, soaps, shampoos and make-up may all contain harmful substances. In a healthy body, most of these are filtered back out, or counteracted by natural defenses, but in people who are already toxic or overloaded, they end up being stored in fat cells or tissues.

Just about anyone can use a healthy cleansing diet to get rid of everyday chemicals. These substances can slip in unnoticed, and overtime, they cause a lot of harm; however, we don’t have to let things get that far. We can remove these dangers before it’s too late.

Anyone who knows their diet is lacking, or fights chronic fatigue, constipation, or other health problems, can work to remove stored substances with a natural, full-body cleanse. If we want to be toxin-free, we must renew our liver, kidneys, lungs, colon and skin, so they can begin screening invaders and flushing them out. It doesn’t take extreme fasting or rapid weight-loss dieting, we can do it with whole, healthy foods.

Natural fruits and vegetables, eaten raw and often, cleanse the body from the inside out.

Nutrients found in plant foods increase our immune systems, fight free-radicles, and keep our natural pH alkaline. In turn, our healthy blood pH supports optimum digestion, and makes it even harder for unwanted things to stay in our organs or tissues.

That is why changing our diet to exclude or seriously limit refined foods, and eating healthy foods instead, will also help us get rid of everyday chemicals. As our immunity increases, we will build new, healthier cells, and any harmful substances can be properly filtered. They will then leave the body through our urine, skin, colon, and breath.

The Total Wellness Cleanse, in addition to promoting a natural, gentle way of eating for detox, encourages us to drink plenty of water and other, non-caffeinated, non-sugary drinks. Liquids provide what is necessary to carry unwanted particles out. They also provide internal cleansing by getting essential fuel to any areas which are trying to heal, without taxing our energy. They are another wonderful example of how daily habits can help us get and stay detoxed.

Nature provides the perfect medicine and the best solution for removing harmful compounds.

All we have to do is say yes. Once we learn to let what we eat be our source of healing and detox, everyday chemicals are no longer a threat. Instead, we can rest easy, knowing our bodies are well-equipped to handle whatever comes our way.

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