How to Get Rid of a Detox Headache

Detox headaches are caused by a number of factors…. how to get rid of a detox headache

They can be a withdrawal symptom, due to dehydration, or a result of toxins flooding your body on their way out. They are never fun, and, while it may not be possible to get rid of them completely, there are some ways to make them bearable.

As your body releases toxins, they are removed in one of a few ways:

Your breath, your urine, your bowels, or your skin. Therefore, by flushing these areas, you have a good chance of getting all the remaining, nagging particles out so your headache subsides. With that in mind, here are some suggestions:

1. Breath: Use your breathing to expel toxins, relax, and get through the worst of your cravings or symptoms. Long, slow, deep breathing is great for making yourself more calm. Another technique, called the breath of fire, is best for pushing stuff out. Breath of fire isn’t hard and it doesn’t hurt. Start by blowing your nose thoroughly. Next, sit comfortably, but upright. Relax your shoulders down your back and suck in a deep inhale. Then begin to breathe out in short, forceful breaths. Use your stomach to push the air out in small bursts through your nose. Keep this up for about thirty seconds, stop, inhale deeply and then repeat it for three repetitions.

2. Urine: Drink lots of fluid while you are detoxing. Water, water with fresh lemon juice, decaf herbal teas, fresh juices… anything natural, without added sugars, preservatives or pasteurization will be fine. Just make sure you get plenty each and every day to help rinse out your system.

3. Bowels: During your detox you should be eliminating. There is no need, usually, to do a home enema, but, if you are experiencing a headache for a long time or other detox symptoms, this isn’t a bad choice. Home enemas are safe and effective, but the may cause a temporary increase in symptoms before providing relief.

4. Skin: The skin is very important to the detox process. Opening your pores and letting warm water wash away toxins can be incredibly relaxing and go a long way toward easing your headache. A hot shower is one of the simplest, quickest ways to find relief. It can be followed with a cool shower to stretch the skin and close the pores. Also, a hot epsom salt bath, a stint in the sauna followed by a shower, and vigorous exercise that causes sweat are other ways to push toxins through the skin.

These headaches are very uncomfortable, but don’t let them make you give up.

Hold out and tell yourself you are getting rid of some things you don’t want anymore. Be patient, be gentle with yourself and be proud. It may not feel good now, but your headache will go away. When it does, you will be happy to know your body is, once again, toxin-free.

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