Is Water Fasting Safe for Weight Loss?

is water fasting safeIs water fasting safe?  That depends.

Water fasting can be a difficult process. Few people are able to see a water fast through, even for a day. If your body is overweight or extremely toxic, a water fast can make you very sick, and it is not necessary to go that far. There are plenty of other ways to cleanse and lose weight.

While water fasting may sound like a quick way to shed unwanted pounds, it is actually an extreme diet that cannot be maintained long enough to cause a major impact. Fasting with water may help your body flush away toxins and help you reduce calories, but, if you fast for one to three days and then go back to eating the way you normally do, you will find you have not made any real progress.

Is water fasting safe?  It is better for your body and more sustainable to use a combination of plenty of water, green juices, and whole foods to cleanse the body and lose weight.

You’ve probably heard it before: food is medicine. Food is nature’s way of healing and keeping us healthy. The reason you need to cleanse is not due to the fact that you eat; it is due to what you eat. If you want meaningful cleansing and weight loss, address your daily diet.

Answer this: how often do you eat fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, or organic meats? How much of your diet comes from fast food, processed flour, refined sugars, dairy, and caffeine? Unless you increase your daily intake of whole foods and do your best to limit or eliminate refined foods, a short water fast will do you no good.

Use water as part of a cleanse with whole foods by keeping yourself very well-hydrated. Increasing your water intake will give you more energy immediately. Along with water, include fresh green juices, if you have a home juicer, or slice a lemon into your water for extra vitamin C if fresh juices aren’t available. Store-bought juice is not the best substitute, but unfiltered apple juice, or any pure juice without additives is acceptable and can be found in the organic section.

You can also supplement your diet with however many fruits and vegetables you want.  Eating these fresh and raw will help promote bowel movements for a natural colon cleanse. You also have the choice of incorporating raw nuts and seeds into your diet. Pumpkin seeds and almonds are highly recommended.

Instead of putting yourself through an intense water fast, cleanse with whole foods and fresh juices while keeping your body hydrated. Cleansing this way will not only help you lose weight and shed toxins, it will help you learn to eat fresh, whole foods. Changing your eating habits is always better than a fad-diet or extreme fast!

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