Juice Cleansing Diet – Safe?

A juice cleansing diet can be both safe and effective when done in the right wayjuice cleansing diet - safe?

Juice fasting has been around for a long time, and, when done with fresh, homemade juices, it can be a wonderful way to cleanse and heal the body. The problem many people have with juice fasting is that they choose the wrong juices, or go back to eating junk food right after the cleanse.

The best way to use juice for a cleansing diet is to make fresh juices at home, or buy quality juices from a health food store. At home, you can juice or make smoothies in the blender, using fresh, raw ingredients so you get enzymes and other nutrients. If you use your blender, you are likely to keep more of the fiber, as well. Using store-bought juices is simply not recommended.

Juice bought at the store can be from a concentrate, will be pasteurized or otherwise processed, which means it is heated, and this eliminates many of the special nutrients. Concentrated juices, especially, can be thought of as no more than sugar-water with a few vitamins added back in. These are not ideal for a juice cleanse.

Also, any juice cleansing diet should be considered a part of a total body cleansing program, with the main goal being to overcome addictions to toxic foods and to develop better, lifelong eating habits. Otherwise, a juice fast becomes a temporary fix. It is impossible to fast long enough to fully heal, which means we often eliminate some toxins and lose a few pounds, but all of this is quickly regained when the cleanse is over.

True, none of this is particularly dangerous, but fasting can be unhealthy for diabetics or for those with some other illnesses. If you think you have, or know you have, a health problem, you should check with your doctor before undergoing any cleanse or diet. For those who don’t have health concerns, however, our biggest worry should be about choosing a cleansing method for our bodies that really works.

Instead of trying a juice fast…

why not make healthy juices and smoothies a part of a holistic, full body cleanse that uses whole foods and leaves out processed, sweet, fried and unhealthy foods? You can even use a short one or two day juice fast to kick off a longer, more thorough body cleanse that uses whole foods to heal you.

The beauty of cleansing with healthy, raw foods and whole grains is that it is highly sustainable, relies on complete nutrition, and is proven to help you kick bad eating habits and change your lifestyle for the better. This means your body will heal, you will lose weight, and you will learn how to maintain your results for the rest of your life. Only a cleanse that does all this can really be considered a cleanse.

Juice cleansing diets are safe…

but they are only effective if you use them as part of a complete cleansing plan, and not as a quick fix or a fast weight-loss solution. For real results, true health, and complete healing, you need something more than a juice fast, you need a Total Wellness Plan that really works.

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