Liquid Cleansing Diet

liquid cleansing dietThe liquid cleansing diet to cleanse the body is becoming very prevalent.

There are many cleanses on the market but probably the most popular weight loss cleansing diet is the extremely controversial Master Cleanse, which uses a mixture of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper, and the less extreme juice diet, which uses fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies to cleanse.

The thing to remember about a liquid cleansing diet is that it is  only a temporary solution. A liquid cleansing diet cannot and should not be sustained for long periods of time. What matters is what you do after the liquid cleansing period.

A liquid cleansing diet should last 5 to 7 days. This is plenty of time for the liquid cleanse to result in weight loss and the shed of toxins.

After this, it is not a good idea to go back to eating a toxic foods because your liquid cleansing diet is “done”. To sustain your results and enhance the healthy effects you have to continue eating a cleansing diet of whole foods.

Whether you choose to fast with the Master Cleanse or a juice cleanse, a liquid fast diet should be a lead-in to a healthier lifestyle. The Master Cleanse is famous because it is effective for rapid weight loss. Many people use the Master Cleanse as a quick fix, but losing weight is not the same as detoxing or cleansing.

Weight loss can be part of a liquid cleansing diet, but a liquid diet is not a replacement for a cleansing diet. The master cleanse diet is not a permanent solution or even a solution likely to provide substantial healing and well-being to your body. The only way to get meaningful results from the master cleanse is to let it be the beginning of a cleanse and a new lifestyle.

Juice fasting, like the master cleanse, can be effective for weight loss. Juice fasting is a little different, however, because fresh fruit and vegetable juices, especially juiced at home, are alive and provide several healing nutrients. Juice fasting can be done for for long time, since your body gets plenty of nutrients,  whereas the master cleanse should be done a maximum of three days, if at all.

A juice fast is safe and effective, and way better for you than the Master Cleanse. Juice fasting can be a great start on a colon cleanse or a full body cleanse. It is still only a first step to true healing.

For real, meaningful healing, a liquid cleansing diet must be followed by a healthy diet.

Whether you choose the Master Cleanse, do a juice fast or find another alternative such as plain water, how well you cleanse and how healthy you become will depend on what you eat for days and weeks afterward. If you start your cleans with a liquid cleansing diet, please remember that following up with a diet of fresh, whole foods is the true way to stay healthy.

cleansing diet

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