Natural Cleanse and Detox

natural cleanse and detoxA natural cleanse and detox will heal your body from the inside out!


There is no reason to think about all those commercials and advertisements you see for  special detox formulas, weight loss pills and other gimmicks which promise to make you healthier. If you really want to feel and look great and do it the right way, all you really need is a diet based on whole foods.  Only by removing toxic, processed foods from your diet and bringing in healthy fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, non-glutinous grains, and lean meats, can you really get the results you are looking for.


Because, like everyone, you are looking for a permanent change. You want to get well, have more energy, and feel good everyday. You know this is the key to enjoying life, and you are ready to make it happen. So don’t bother with weight loss and cleansing fads, change your habits, change your lifestyle, and change the way you think about food. You can do it, and the Total Wellness cleanse is the only real way!


I know that might sound a bit strange, but don’t doubt it. The cleanse I am offering you is better than the master cleanse, better than the lemon cleanse, better than any program around. The reason? I teach you how to heal and clear your body with food, not with starvation, fasting or any other shortcuts. I have discovered that the secret to getting well is to get your medicine from what you eat.


Unfortunately, most people are not helping themselves by eating well. Instead, they are slowly ingesting  lethal and debilitating poisons in the form of refined sugar, trans fats, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides and chemical additives, like color and flavor. It has to stop.


My cleanse is a holistic approach to the body and to diet, which says that the body is a system. This system needs to be fueled and maintained, and the way we do that is through ingesting water, vitamins, and other nutrients necessary for the body to carry out daily functions. This means, when we take in the right foods, our bodies work the right way, and we don’t become chronically exhausted, overweight, or ill.


Change your life with a natural cleanse and detox!


There is one ingredient in ninety percent of processed food that can be traced to many problems. Do you know what it is? Think about it. Americans on average consume three times the recommended amount of this substance, and it is used to sell everything from ketchup to crackers. The ingredient is refined sugar. It is deadly, it is addictive, and it can be found everywhere.


Over use of sugar is responsible for many ailments, including obesity, heart disease, arthritis, tooth decay, and type II diabetes. Why then, is it so ubiquitous in the standard American diet, and how can you start to avoid it?


Well, the reason should be clear enough, sugar tastes great! It tempts our natural instinct to look for something sweet in  In fact, sugar is a natural food that can be found in fruits and other plants. The problem is how we eat it.


In nature, sugar comes in a fibrous package. This means we process it more quickly, before our pancreas has to deal with an unfair share of it. In modern times, however, sugar does not come with natural fiber and other essential nutrients. Instead, it is added to fiber-less, preservative-laden refined foods in order to make them palatable and sellable.  If you are eating a processed diet, you are taking in way too much sweet and setting yourself up for a number of preventable ailments.


The answer is not to avoid sweet foods altogether, though. Even if you did, as long as you are eating a processed diet, you are getting fragmented foods. The answer is to start eating whole foods, like fruits and vegetables. These are foods which don’t need extra refining. They come intact, and that means they contain a lot more nutritional benefits, and no extra or fake ingredients. Even if they do have sugars, your body will be able to handle them a lot better when you get water, fiber, and enzymes at the same time.


A natural cleanse and detox will teach you to eat right all the time!


The true way to get over your cravings for toxic foods and start making the right dietary decisions is simply to stop putting toxic foods into your body. It really is that simple. Then, what you eat instead will consist of a complex balance of nutrients. This means your body will heal itself using energy it gets from clean, healthy foods.


Your body will begin to push out years of stored toxins, and, since extra fat is no longer needed to seal those toxins out of the blood stream, your body will finally begin to shed fat and you will begin to look trimmer and leaner. Plus, your immune system and energy levels will soar. When you get the right kind of nutrition, manage how much you eat, and learn to think of food as medicine, you gain a whole new approach to living and eating.


Suddenly, what you eat is not about something tasting great, or about being bored, or about a special craving. You eat because you are hungry, and you learn that food is energy and life. Then, you are able to carefully choose just what goes into your body and to care where food comes from, how it is grown, and even what processes it underwent on the way to you. This is a whole new way of thinking and it will lead to a new way of acting.


Each time you reach for a bite to eat, you are making a choice. You can choose the same old sweet, processed food that is already making you sick and/or overweight, or you can choose life and healing with a whole food. Since you are reading this, I have to assume you are ready to make a change. Go for it! Let a natural cleanse and detox plan get you started today!

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