Overcoming Food Addiction

It is strange to think of food as addictive, but some foods are. Just like any other drug, our brains and bodies respond to food additives, sugars, and certain flavors. Over time, foods with lots of sugar or with additives like MSG can become the only foods that really satisfy us.

Food addictions are dangerous because they rope us into unhealthy eating habits that are hard to break. To beat our poor eating habits, we have to overcome our food addictions and cravings so that we can let whole, natural foods satisfy us once more. This isn’t easy, but it can be done.

Just like any addiction, overcoming cravings for sugars and food additives involves making a commitment, learning new habits, and detoxing your body of the offending chemical. All three of these are important, and all three of them can come from a holistic cleansing program. You can learn new ways of eating, which foods to avoid, and make a commitment to getting and staying healthy.  You can easily help your body cleanse itself of the chemicals that are making you sick and addicted.

Before you undergo a cleanse, you must have clear goals of why you want to get healthy and stay that way. This means recognizing that your current eating habits are not good for you and learning what it means to eat healthy. Then you have to decide that you want and deserve a better lifestyle.

During your cleanse, you will create better eating habits. You will learn that some foods like processed and refined foods need to be eliminated from your diet. These are toxic foods, and they are making you ill. They are also addictive because they contain high amounts of processed sugar, flour, artificial flavoring, and chemicals.

Unlike processed foods, fresh fruit and vegetables and raw nuts and seeds contain proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids that keep you healthy.

Fresh, whole foods not only provide you with nutrients.  They cleanse your blood and help you detox from toxic foods.  Your body will renew itself naturally. Eating whole foods will help you rid yourself of addictions and cravings, toxins, and excess body weight. That is what a cleanse is all about.

Cleansing helps you recognize and get rid of toxic foods in your diet so you can eliminate cravings and food addictions. You will be healthier and make better choices, experience more energy, and even develop more consistent sleeping patterns. When you eliminate cravings and food addictions, you lose toxins and gain vitality.

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