Sneaky Symptoms From Too Much Sugar

too much sugarToo much sugar in your diet does more than add on pounds and rot your teeth.

It is true that not everyone experiences hyper-activity from too much sweet, either. In many cases, symptoms of over-consumption are much more difficult to detect when they are constantly affecting you.

It doesn’t help that sugar is in everything. Most of us eat it several times a day, so, knowing what our bodies are like without it can be very difficult. This means many who have sugar allergies and mood changes from sweet foods will not even think to attribute it to what they eat everyday. Only by cutting the amount of sugared, refined foods in the diet can we start to detect the sneakier symptoms.

Headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, depression and mood swings are all caused by eating too much sugar.

Women who experience frequent yeast infections and anyone who experiences common cravings and overeating is also suffering from a diet that is simply too sugary. Sweetened foods also aggravate rheumatoid arthritis and can cause flare-ups of several diseases, including asthma.

It is true that many of these symptoms could have several causes, and only you know how much sugar is actually in your diet. If you feel that you may be suffering from poor eating habits, the best thing you can do is cut back or eliminate confections and notice the difference. Even if you are not suffering from any symptoms, there are several benefits to cutting down on or eliminating all types of sugar from your diet, because, in all its forms, it is a very unhealthy substance.

By holistic health practitioners and organic food consumers, sugar has been called both a drug and a poison. It is a drug because it is highly addictive and easy to crave, and a poison because it leads to obesity, heart disease, and cancer, three leading causes of death in almost all developed nations where refined carbohydrates and corn sugars are mainstays of the diet, including the United States of America, Canada, and England.

In the body, refined sweeteners, which include any juice separated from its fiber, become acidic, and is eventually transformed into low-density fat that sticks to artery walls. Too much sugar also starves the teeth and gums, cutting them off from needed nutrients and causing them to decay faster. If there is one major food item that should be seriously limited in the diet, refined sugars are certainly it.

Almost everyone who eats too much sugar suffers from it in one way or another.

Stubborn belly fat, low energy, trouble sleeping, bad teeth, and chronic headaches are just a few of these symptoms. Left untreated, these can easily become more serious diseases, like diabetes or hypoglycemia. This is why everyone can avoid sneaky symptoms of over-consumption by cutting down on or eliminating refined sweet foods as much as possible.

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