Stomach Cleansing

stomach cleansingStomach cleansing, like all bodily cleansing, starts with your diet.

Stomach cleansing is very important. The stomach can become infested with parasites and fungi and its natural functions can be hampered by toxic foods. Certain foods upset the stomach while others cannot be properly digested and can sit in the stomach and rot.

For stomach cleansing, all you need is a proper diet. Avoiding processed foods and drinking healthy fruit and vegetable juices and plenty of water can cleanse and rebalance the stomach quickly. This is because, when you stop eating toxic foods and begin to eat fresh foods, without hormones, preservatives, color additives, flavor additives, herbicides or pesticides, the stomach naturally begins the process of cleansing.

To understand how stomach cleansing works, you must understand how your digestive system becomes imbalanced.

Your stomach is responsible for breaking down and absorbing nutrients from food. To do this, it depends on digestive enzymes, which it gets mostly from the food you eat, friendly bacteria that live in the stomach, and a certain chemical balance. When you don’t eat properly or when you take pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, you can quickly upset the conditions for proper digestion.

Enzymes, an ingredient essential for proper digestion, are found naturally in raw foods. The cooking and processing foods destroys most of these enzymes. When your food lacks enzymes, the body must pull them from somewhere else to complete the process of digestion. This not only causes problems in your stomach, but results in the poor health of your entire body.

Eating mostly raw foods ensures your body will have plenty of enzymes, which aids stomach cleansing, and helps to restore the delicate chemical balance needed for optimal digestion.

Eating the right foods keeps the chemistry of the entire body balanced. This means the chemical balance of the body is normal throughout, including stomach cleansing. Your stomach will not be either too acidic or too alkaline to properly digest and utilize the nutrients from the foods you eat. This also means parasites and fungi will die, since they cannot live in a well-balanced stomach, and friendly bacteria, another necessity for proper nutrition and digestion, will thrive.

To restore friendly bacteria, in addition to a healthy diet, it may be a good idea to invest in a probiotic. It will do you no good to take a probiotic unless your diet is healthy, but, once you start eating right, a probiotic will aid your stomach cleansing by repopulating your intestines with healthy bacteria and increase the benefits you get from eating healthy, especially when you eat leafy greens and other vegetables.

Along with a healthy diet for stomach cleansing and probiotics to repopulate your friendly bacteria, you must drink plenty of water. Water flushes toxins, like mucus, from the stomach and bowels, and is needed as part of digestion. If you drink water along with a healthy diet your stomach will be cleansed in no time.

There is no reason to put it off. You can enjoy the benefits of a more balanced digestive system simply by eating well. When you start with stomach cleansing, your whole body will be healthier and more energetic.

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