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Total wellness cleanse testimonialsTWC has been a great addition to my New Years resolution…..

TWC has been a great addition to my New Years resolution, along with Eating for Energy, that I made for this year. I enjoyed the program and learned a lot about the food I should be eating and how to prepare it. The bigger surprise was after the cleanse when I  started adding back the foods I thought were good for me. My beloved Whey Protein and Greek Yogurt was now making me sick. I never realized that they were an issue for me.

I have now removed all dairy from my diet and replace it with plant based sources of protein. Now after three months I have been getting better results at the gym and my body feels better. I never intend to be a Vegan, but do have all intentions of having my two juices a day and making healthy choices

- Brian

I found the daily inspiration emails so motivational, it felt like some of them were talking directly about my life!

It has been gone really really well! The recipes are fantastic and I actually enjoy cooking again! Furthermore, I found the daily inspiration emails so motivational, it felt like some of them were talking directly about my life!

The changes I’ve noticed is that I feel less fatigued during the day, I have more energy and I don’t get headaches anymore even after getting less sleep than normal (the workouts really helped). My bowel movements are so much better now too, they happen every day now rather that every 2 or 3 days!  My family noticed improvements to my skin too, one of my cousins said “gosh your skin is so smooth!”.  That compliment was during the 2nd week of the cleanse so its amazing how quickly one sees result. Overall, I am so glad that I did it.  It doesn’t end there for me either as I still incorporate the meals from the Total Wellness cleanse into my diet now.

- Rochelle

My energy increased significantly, I started losing weight…..

I am 48 years old. Since I almost died from starvation from severe anorexia nervosa 5 years ago, caused by physical exhaustion and extreme and continuous mental and emotional stress, I have been trying unsuccessfully to increase my energy levels and lose the excess weight I had gained during my recovery.

Since the temperature in Cyprus during summertime is very high (last year it reached 45o C, the hottest in the last 100 years), every summer was my worst time of the year, losing my energy, lying on the couch all summer, and only feeling a little alive at night when it was cooler. Every October I was exhausted and needed 2 more months to recover summer.

This year I decided to change all that. I was determined not to let this summer steal my life from me, so, in May I started your “Total Wellness Cleanse”.

I followed a raw-vegan approach and did the cleanse face twice. The results were excellent. My energy increased significantly, I started losing weight (a miracle, since my body was in a highly defensive state and did not allow any weight reduction until then), I was feeling lighter, I even started some of your exercise programs (not very consistently, I’m afraid) and I was, and still am feeling great.

After finishing my cleanse, I started Eating for Energy and it’s exciting, rejuvenating, refreshing and truly energizing! It is now the end of week 3 of the 12-week program. I have lost 4-5 kilos (still have 4 to go).

I am eating much more than I used to, mush more oil, and also a much greater variety of foods. I have even tried many new foods for the first time. It’s like an exciting journey, which, combined with the information you share, becomes an educational experience in respect of nutrition and health.

Thank you for your inspiring coaching e-mails. I was looking forward to reading them every afternoon (different time zone), listening to your teleclasses, understanding my own health challenges and their solution and experimenting with new foods and tastes.

I am happy and very calm, I find easily solutions to daily issues, I am doing things I procrastinated for years. And these past days, many other beautiful changes are happening in my life, because of this wonderful, positive energy I have.

There are no words to thank you!

- Maria

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