Total Wellness Cleanse – Client Journeys

raw natural detoxI feel 10 years younger, look better and have tons more energy…..

Both Paresh and I have been following The Cleanse since Jan 1st and wow…..what a difference!!!!! I feel 10 years younger, look better and have tons more energy which I really need with two kids, and a full time job.

Since starting the cleanse I have lost 10lbs bringing me back to my pre-pregnancy weight which I had gained with my daughter 10 years ago…I know I still hadn’t lost those stubborn 10lbs.

I have now!!……..Paresh has lost additional 5lbs to a total of 25lbs since he started working with you about 4 months ago.

Love the recipes….simple and delicious. The best part was how easy and fast they were to prepare. I have dinner on the table in 15-20 mins after coming home from work which is faster than when I was eating regularly.

Absolutely love the program and your daily inspirational emails which I used to share with my cousin who is also wheat free now. Our whole eating habit has changed and the whole family is now eating this way.

Thank you Yuri for teaching us how easy it can be.

-       Radhika

I was surprised how good everything tasted…..

Eating my way through Christmas this year, I came home heavier than ever, but more importantly to me, I felt awful.  I had not really even enjoyed what I had been eating through the holidays, but I guess I kept eating, hoping my taste buds and stomach would feel happy that I ate such great foods at great restaurants.  I was looking for a new year eating plan to get the weight off, and even joined Weight Watchers online, because I have had success many times with lowering my calories, and happy that I could still eat junk.  But I got an email from Yuri, looked at the program and believed I should try the Wellness Diet instead because it kept me away from sugar, refined foods, wheat, alcohol, etc., all the things that had put weight on me, kept me craving more, and making feel crummy.

My experience with the eating plan was that I was surprised how good everything tasted; lost almost 10 pounds in about two weeks; appetite  was satisfied, cravings gone; self-satisfied that I was eating a healthy diet for aging problems (I am 57).  30 days later, it is hard for me to eat “normal” food.  I travel a lot, and I am trying to work out how to keep eating properly.  My weight loss slowed way down, and I am re-visiting that: am I drinking enough water; just because it’s good for you are you eating too much at one sitting; are you getting enough exercise in.  On the other hand, losing 10 pounds and keeping it off for a couple of weeks is good!

I guess I should encourage others re regularity.  It has always been elusive for me, and I could never figure out why for a period of time all was well, then it wasn’t.  Then it was okay, then it wasn’t.  Etc.   I am very excited to be so regular every day because my dad had colon cancer, and I want to do everything I can not to let the genes win out.  I also love the fact of the alkaline nature of the plan for that reason.

I love the food, am adding a few things back in but mainly sticking to the recipes because they are so good and I can cook them up a lot faster than I could in the beginning.  I am amazed that I enjoy this food so much, I have to say, and so very glad that I am not craving any bad stuff!

-       Laura


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