Total Wellness Cleanse – Client Journeys

raw natural detoxI feel 10 years younger, look better and have tons more energy…..

Both Paresh and I have been following The Cleanse since Jan 1st and wow…..what a difference!!!!! I feel 10 years younger, look better and have tons more energy which I really need with two kids, and a full time job.

Since starting the cleanse I have lost 10lbs bringing me back to my pre-pregnancy weight which I had gained with my daughter 10 years ago…I know I still hadn’t lost those stubborn 10lbs.

I have now!!……..Paresh has lost additional 5lbs to a total of 25lbs since he started working with you about 4 months ago.

Love the recipes….simple and delicious. The best part was how easy and fast they were to prepare. I have dinner on the table in 15-20 mins after coming home from work which is faster than when I was eating regularly.

Absolutely love the program and your daily inspirational emails which I used to share with my cousin who is also wheat free now. Our whole eating habit has changed and the whole family is now eating this way.

Thank you Yuri for teaching us how easy it can be.

-       Radhika

I was surprised how good everything tasted…..

Eating my way through Christmas this year, I came home heavier than ever, but more importantly to me, I felt awful.  I had not really even enjoyed what I had been eating through the holidays, but I guess I kept eating, hoping my taste buds and stomach would feel happy that I ate such great foods at great restaurants.  I was looking for a new year eating plan to get the weight off, and even joined Weight Watchers online, because I have had success many times with lowering my calories, and happy that I could still eat junk.  But I got an email from Yuri, looked at the program and believed I should try the Wellness Diet instead because it kept me away from sugar, refined foods, wheat, alcohol, etc., all the things that had put weight on me, kept me craving more, and making feel crummy.

My experience with the eating plan was that I was surprised how good everything tasted; lost almost 10 pounds in about two weeks; appetite  was satisfied, cravings gone; self-satisfied that I was eating a healthy diet for aging problems (I am 57).  30 days later, it is hard for me to eat “normal” food.  I travel a lot, and I am trying to work out how to keep eating properly.  My weight loss slowed way down, and I am re-visiting that: am I drinking enough water; just because it’s good for you are you eating too much at one sitting; are you getting enough exercise in.  On the other hand, losing 10 pounds and keeping it off for a couple of weeks is good!

I guess I should encourage others re regularity.  It has always been elusive for me, and I could never figure out why for a period of time all was well, then it wasn’t.  Then it was okay, then it wasn’t.  Etc.   I am very excited to be so regular every day because my dad had colon cancer, and I want to do everything I can not to let the genes win out.  I also love the fact of the alkaline nature of the plan for that reason.

I love the food, am adding a few things back in but mainly sticking to the recipes because they are so good and I can cook them up a lot faster than I could in the beginning.  I am amazed that I enjoy this food so much, I have to say, and so very glad that I am not craving any bad stuff!

-       Laura


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    That cover is indeed terrible (so’s the album!) but this
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    Theoretically opening up more space in the room and creating
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    Also one message that suggested sexual intercourse.What i
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    you eat the kick. Thus mind games, you have to read your opponent to know
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    Federal, state and local requirements relating to the discharge of substances into the environment, the
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    Tankini Swimwear A 2014 Forbes article by Kurt Badenhausen says that the Michael Jordan brand brings in about $2 billion per year, and Jordan’s estimated 2013 payment from Nike was at least $75 million. Putting things into perspective, UA has the NBA MVP in Stephen Curry, but the company’s entire 2014 footwear revenue was just $431 million. Being over a year old, Badenhausen’s Forbes article is dated when we talk about fast growing Under Armour, but it still has some mind boggling numbers: Tankini Swimwear.

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    This one didn sink in until my fourth child. Really, I didn have a
    choice he cried so long and so voraciously, regardless of what I did to
    comfort him that one day I simply put him down in his crib, shut the window and closed the door behind me.
    It was for my mental sanity more than anything.

    cheap swimwear Edit: Also, this happened in 2011. That brings up another point.
    Who the fuck keeps their hospital bills from 6 years
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    Some kids don’t like the idea of attending summer camp. It might help matters if you give the kids some ownership in the decision of camps. Focus on your child’s interests and/or needs, and find suitable camps that address these. I invest a lot of time and money into my body, what with exercising, healthy eating, advanced skincare, makeup and fashion, pricey hairdos and hair products. Don get me wrong, I enjoy all of these things and I love being creative with my body and take pride in taking great care of myself. I just want to know if anyone else feels strongly about not having kids for similar reasons.I value my health and my sleep and my “me time”, and the fact that I have the ability to just be selfish whenever I feel like it.

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    Sexy Bikini Swimsuit Just be really patient, I had to learn that when I adopted my kitty. And though she 100% better than she was at first, she still exhibits behavior that suggests she was maybe abused, neglected, or all of the above. But I learned to accept her as she is and respect her boundaries. Sexy Bikini Swimsuit

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    adjectives like “powerful” in 2003 to “timeless” and “classic”
    in 2013. We lived through a transition period (everyone always has, I suppose) from the leftover
    90s in the early 00s to the resurgence of the 60s in the latter half of the 00s.
    This picture and things like GQ cover photos from just ten years ago are all evidence of the inflection point.What important to remember is
    that we not necessarily moving to the right style (although I understand why it feels
    that way it the nature of powerful trends to make you think everything that came before was just Plato cave).We eventually move again, of course maybe five, maybe
    ten years from now.

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    but but but she didn’t from what I can tell. The DNC was dead
    broke and unable to support anyone. But Hillary was raking in the dough.
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    Moreover, the results were accurate and no flaws were found in the
    scan. The Ad Aware application performs better when used alone.
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    and the MD5 Checksum (under tab) matches that to the original
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    8 days agoOnly part of your argument I have a problem with is “no new enemies”.

    It a sequel off of the first game. In fact, it takes place very shortly after the first.
    These efforts reduced weight, improved thrust and increased flight time to
    just over 30 seconds. In addition to public demonstrations, Jet PI offers some of their rocket
    belts and jet packs for sale. Their T 73 model is a true jet pack, with a claimed
    flight time of nine minutes and a sale price of $200,000.
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    No mortal judge could possibly have the
    breadth of experience necessary to independently answer every question that could ever possibly come before them.
    If a question of fact is relevant to a legal case, it the responsibility of the prosecution or the defense to call an appropriate expert witness, and
    ask the right questions, so that everyone involved is appropriately informed.

    It an imperfect system, because no one person could possibly know everything..

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    I don look financially fit. beach dresses

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    had passed before the company paid them a fee a circumstance that favored the IRS.
    Seminole paid no dividends during the years in question although the company was profitable.

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    We drove on Highway 22 which is comparable to our interstate
    highways. For a minute I thought I was on I 95.
    Tl;dr 20s sucked socially. Can things get better in my 30s
    or have I missed out already?Game nights. I hosted them for colleagues as I was seeking to get out of a dark place.
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    In the 15th century, “Cosmographia” appeared in Europe and was printed in a variety of editions,
    with some maps restored and reproduced with
    engravings, and some more modern maps included to
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    It also saw a 31% drop in net income for the third quarter, reporting net income of
    $934 million, down from $1.4 billion in the second quarter.
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    like a natural fit and a helpful service to
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    By improving its career and internship services at a time during which its educational products
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    wholesale bikinis Become a Redditorand subscribe to one of
    thousands of communities.10Adam opens the show explaining that he
    took his first shower in 3 months. The guys then talk about Dr.
    Drew’s distress call, and Adam’s problems with technology.
    /u/Zaulura I don think the server will become a
    “waifu circlejerk” since this subreddit seems to have a more mature audience, unlike other popular subs with Discord servers.
    Also, just because it a server for /r/Dakimakuras users
    doesn mean you forced to only talk about covers. To simply put
    it, users will be able to freely chat and discuss about almost anything as long as
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    Sexy Bikini Swimsuit The popular single (from TMS), ‘Good Time’
    is a duet with Carly Rae Jepsen. It was released on June 26th and
    debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 18.
    The music video for ‘Good Time’ is one of his
    more popular videos. But I got messages in my personal inbox
    about the previous post expiring, and that isn the best practice for several reasons.

    It not exactly appropriate (like going to someone house,
    uninvited, instead of their office) and makes extra work for us (because we
    then have to keep the rest of the mod team in the loop).
    Most importantly, there is no guarantee that any individual moderator will read their personal
    messages in a timely fashion or even be online at any given time, so it can delay action on your questions or concerns.
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    You be surprised how those two things can impact our wellbeing for
    the better. Even it just a smile or a simple act of courtesy, you be surprised out how such seemingly innocuous acts can impact
    your life in a meaningful way when consistently done..

    cheap swimwear So when Matt Smith took over he would have been the 12th, but in the episode Let Kill HItler, River uses all her remaining regenerations (which would have
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    are transferable between Timelords, if you go back to the movie in 1996.
    So would this then mean that our Doctor has 10 more regenerations or just one?.

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    Bathing Suits Honestly though, there no reason to
    play titanfall on a smurf account, since it doesn have proper ranked matchmaking to begin with.
    I played a ton of console Overwatch, and I can safely say that it just a different kind of
    player skill that matters. In CoD and TF, it a twitchy type of skill.
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    it really consumes a ton of resources for a bunch of people.
    Besides the cost, there just isn that much new information that needs
    to receive such exhaustive treatment. There are not hundreds of stickies on TL because there doesn need to be..
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    Shoot at the rugged cliffside and then use the
    pry axe to climb and then jump to the right.
    Some pipes allow Lara to transverse further to the right.
    Lara will eventually be able to climb onto an area with an old WWII
    ship gun and then crawl through another small opening into an area
    full of enemies..

    The connection being that the new search engine could organize a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web.

    Legend has it that when a search was done
    to see ig “googol” was available, a spelling mistake was made and they searched for
    google instead, which was available. Thus, the “most valuable brand in the known universe” was

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    grababa todo lo que pasaba fui ayudarla. Say disgusting because of our First Amendment rights,
    he said. Got freedom of speech, right? Freedom to protest?
    Just because somebody chooses to protest, now we got to be kicked out of
    the country? That not how things should work, in my opinion. It not about,
    just because somebody disagrees with something, if I don stand for the anthem, if I
    don like what going on, that basically him saying I should be kicked out the country..
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    moments that BN never could have pulled off.Both
    the lead actors, the agent and the leader of the terror cell are played excellently.
    In fact I said before that the portrayal of the terror leader Faris
    al Farik by Oded Fehr ranks quite high on my “Best TV character list. Henri Lubatti as Ilija Korjeni is also a very compelling character with a great story.Two seasons, the second is not as good as the first but it is still pretty good. bikini swimsuit

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    Serena Williams interview?I feel like I should be indignant about this childbirth does not make you a real woman, what about women who can conceive, etc., but I just feel a wave of
    protectiveness for her. I want to hug her and tell her that her baby is going to come as it going to come, and she a real woman no matter how that happens.

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    cheap swimwear Or I would find someone o warch them while I did my workout.
    My son loves sitting in his swing, and watching me do my belly dancing video, as long as he is
    fed, burped and clean. Buy an ab buster. And then there more thunder, and the lifeguards are walking around, saying something to some
    people, but not to me. Do they not see me?
    Suddenly, bizarrely, I want to cry. I wait for the feeling to pass.

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    one piece swimsuits A used machine you should be able
    to find for $25 and up. The shop should services it for $65 $85.(Have it done once a year, twice a
    year if it is used everyday.) Look for machines with
    all metal parts. The shop should be able to show her the basic functions.

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    Tai chi and qigong are good exercises to do when you feel
    too tired to exercise. The don’t burn a lot of calories but they burn some and they work your abs.
    They can also make you feel more relaxed and provide you with more energy.
    A year later, I led the climb clean and never felt better.

    Fuck that lady who told me I couldn’t climb the route though my partner and
    I would have been fine the first time we wanted to climb that route but instead we
    both developed fear issues thanks to that lady.

    31 points submitted 1 month ago.

    Bathing Suits My little business was rough the first 6 months.

    Wasn breaking even and gradually drifting behind but I had enough saved up
    to give myself the time to just keep building and growing things and then things
    started to turn around and build steam bit by bit.
    It takes patience and also the means to ride out that patience..
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    beach dresses I agree. I actually did the whole cosmetology thing as a vocation during high school.
    I do all my own beauty stuff. If its not better than why?
    Because your still stationary? What if we make the
    robots huge so the people can sit in them comfortably.
    Does it become a sport? If yes, how is it different to the original
    game? If that doesnt make it a sport please explain how sitting in a robot with wheels and
    trying to get it over the line first is different to sitting in a machine that will fight according to your inputsI listen mostly out of habit.
    It a nice way to start my morning before I listen to my other pods.
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    Bathing Suits If I had killed myself at 18 when I first started thinking about it my Dad never would have forgiven me.
    He spoke strongly about people who commit suicide, saying
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    wouldn she just talk to us? We were always there for her..
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    the predecessor of Vector Group, Ltd. (NYSE: VGR) and served in various executive capacities at VGR
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    Same as Person A. This person does the same job and has the same gym schedule.

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    they wanted. Democrats need to do the same. The right to vote for the black and the poor don help them if many
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    to deal with another difficulty, while thinking that lobbying has more effect than they do (which is correct) swimwear sale.

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    Jill was a Housewife of New York for seasons 1 4.
    September of 2011, Bravo announced that she, along with 3 others were not returning to the show.
    All of the New York cast is outspoken, and Jill is no exception. Also
    there are only two bus routes that intersect, and they relatively early on this restricted me
    a bit as a walker because I didn want to go more than an hour past the furthest stop, cause I had to
    walk back to it. You can always decide there if you not sure.
    Just make sure you wear something aka knees and shoulders covered to go in the catacombs.Also there is a park in a residential neighborhood by a metro stop
    (lemonia or something?) That has lots of aquaduct ruins you
    can wander around.

    cheap bikinis To recap this series, we have analyzed two companies
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    Both discussions are linked at the end of this article. In this
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    Specifically, the Raven is thought to provide long distance healing.
    The Raven is also a keeper of secrets, and
    can assist us in determining answers to our own “hidden” thoughts.
    Areas in our lives that we are unwilling to face, or secrets
    we keep that harm us the Raven can help us expose the truth behind these (often distorted) secrets and wing us back to health and harmony.
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    one piece swimsuits Yes, they had a sick fight, but it was sick
    because we got to see UI goku make someone look like a complete scrub.
    Sort of like how vegeta bodied android 19 (or was it 20?) so hard and gave vegeta fanboys around the world a boner.

    It wasn that kefla was a cool character, it was more
    that UI goku styled on he so hard by dodging all her attacks and wrecked her shit with a top 3 all time kamehameha.
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    This sub has a downvoting problem.: Unfortunately we cannot control this.
    Some of it is botting, some of it is due to
    the algorithm of the website (the number you see is likely not the true score), and
    some of it is from our users. Please remember, downvoting is for content that does not
    contribute to the discussion, not for things you don’t agree

    dresses sale Like HardRockZombies and some other folks mentioned,
    you need to reregister in Mass if you moved here, but since there are so many universities around, that really isn enforced.
    If you don need to get a permit for street parking, you can ride out your current IL registration until it expires, but then you have to
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    beach dresses (You’ll know what rank your
    student is in from the previous day’s marchout.
    It changes every week.) If you’re lucky, your student will be
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    for the crowd back there. Measuring My ProgressI checked to see
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    Tankini Swimwear But after a while you sort of crave that
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    One night stands don really completely fill that void.
    I didnt start “being exclusive” while seeing someone until the end of
    my senior year. One aspect of Space Dramas that I’ve always enjoyed is the consistently diverse and well rounded cast
    of characters that are often highlighted and, for the most part, Macross is able to stick to that trend.
    Though there are definitely 3 main characters the show contains
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    As for the leads themselves. Tankini Swimwear

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    Also one of the main heroines. She arrived at the Stray Cats,
    not revealing anything about herself but her name.
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    well as one of the secret agents responsible for fighting the Octarians behind
    the scenes. She came from a family of wealth and as a
    result, is a bit of a brat, but only in the sense that she overeager and has an inflated self esteem that isn quite capable
    of supporting her own skills. Despite that, she implicitly responsible
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    of the race that been at odds with the Inklings for generations, to put
    it lightly, proving her capabilities for comradery and friendship..

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    Queen. She narrowly wins over Kyoka Kanej, a transfer student.
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    The outer lining is 80% wool 20% polyamide, inner
    lining is viscose and the sleeves polyester.
    It looks like new and has held up really well despite being several years old.

    This is how it looked last winter!ssssshinthelibrary 3 points submitted
    6 days agoI am a chestically endowed sister, but not a wearer
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    bikini swimsuit Remember when Clarke actually had some good strategies.
    Now we are seeing Diyoza outsmarting her opponents.She is smart and capable, but I
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    Oh please. Flash games have already covered this “deep philosophical” message 20
    years ago, and it was never interesting in the first place.
    It genuinely is just plot hole duct tape. bikini swimsuit

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    Thank you for participating in /r/Politics. However, your
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    reason(s):Rehosted Content “An article must contain significant analysis and original content not just a few links of text amongst chunks of copy and pasted material.” Video links must be
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    No one, certainly no old political fart, can know that feeling.
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    I ducked under a table and felt it brush my fur as it passed overhead.
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    However, if I chose to pay $3.48/share to add 1,050 shares to my position, then my 0.01% stake in the company would stay the same
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    Not only because they don take terribly long to make and no one would spend money on them but also because
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    It is because of these traits that she becomes an object of interest for Eiko Tokura.

    She is pretty and extremely well endowed, but behaves more like a teenager than an adult woman.
    Her favorite hobby is taking a close interest in Hana’s private

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    Don do it. Don ask. No matter what the outcome of your
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    jump ship. You can use your brain to infer from that why she wouldn share the specifics of her plan (“We picked up an escape pod and the occupant told us they were heading to Crait”).

    Further, we later in fact see loose lips sink ships.

    The Houdini has been one of my favorite pieces of gear for several years now.
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    It breathes well, but also is fairly decent retaining some degree of heat.
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