What is a Liquid Detox Diet?

what is a liquid detox dietWhat is a liquid detox diet?

A liquid detox diet is a type of detox which uses certain liquids, like water, juice, or a combination of ingredients to flush toxins out of the body. The idea is provide the body with plenty of fluids as well as specific ingredients like vitamin C or herbs that promote colon and full body cleansing. The Master Cleanse, or lemon detox, is an example of such a diet.

What is a liquid detox diet made of?

The ingredients used are water, fresh squeezed lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. This combination is then taken throughout the day for up to seven days in place of meals. It is a very extreme form of weight-loss and detox with the major goal in most cases being rapid weight-loss rather than true cleansing and healing.

While the lemon detox and other liquid diets or juice fast-type detoxes are effective and useful for beginning a cleanse, they are the least sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off for good. In fact, these diets can quickly turn into yo-yo diets which must be repeated again and again. Furthermore, when it comes to actually cleansing and detoxing the body for better health, liquid diets are far too extreme.

What is a liquid detox diet mistake?

The mistake lies in starting something you cannot possibly maintain. While the lemon detox diet can begin to flush out toxins, it cannot be sustained long enough to actually repair cells and tissues, boost the immune system or do all of the other things, like increase energy and break addiction to caffeine, that are the true point of a cleanse. So, yes, it is possible to shed pounds and toxic waste on a liquid detox, but once you stop and go back to eating as you did before, all of that stuff just comes right back.

Everyone wants a healthy, sustainable way to live and lose weight without having to sacrifice eating out, eating at a friends house, or simply enjoying food. This is why liquid detox diets so often fail. For true cleansing and weight loss, we have to find healthier, more sustainable ways to eat, everyday. This means making our daily diet the only cleanse and detox we truly need.

This is done simply by limiting toxic foods such as processed or packaged items, dairy, glutenous grains, eggs, and sugar, and building our meals around fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, non-glutenous grains, beans and small amounts of lean, organic meat. There is no need to starve, drink tonics, or deny ourselves favorite foods, as long as we learn to moderate them, rather than become addicted to them.

What is a liquid detox diet good for?

In short, a liquid detox diet’s true effectiveness depends on how we use it. When it becomes a departure point for a healthier lifestyle, the lemon detox, and other diets like it, can be a very good start to overcoming bad eating habits. When, instead, it is the basis of our detox plan, we become far more likely to fail.

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