When Is the Best Time of Year for A Cleanse?

While some find it helpful to combine an inner body cleanse with seasonal cleansing, such as spring time, or to prepare the body for winter and cold season by cleansing, the truth is, there is no best season for cleansing.

Cleansing should happen when you decide that you ARE ready. This means that you are prepared for a cleanse, and you have educated yourself so that you know what a cleanse entails. You also have a support system in place and a plan.

Educating yourself for a cleanse includes knowing the benefits of cleansing and what to expect on a cleanse. You also want to be aware of the different cleansing methods and pick one that is right for you. Perhaps most importantly, you want to be prepared for some of the side effects of cleansing, including what is known as the healing crisis.

Having a plan and a support system means that you have someone you trust, and, preferably someone who has done a cleanse, to coach you through the process. It also means that you have an understanding of why you want to cleanse and what your goals are. Finally, planning means setting dates, gathering foods and other supplies you will need, and following through.

All of this can be done at any time of year. The most important thing is that the time is right for you. If you can avoid cleansing while traveling, it may make life a little easier, but a cleanse can even work while you are on vacation. Times you may really want to avoid cleansing are those of extreme stress, transition, or times when high physical, emotional, or mental demands will be placed on you.

Cleansing under unusually stressful conditions can be extremely difficult. For the first few days of a cleanse you may be tired, nauseous, or have a headache. While getting exercise during a cleanse is highly recommended, we also want you to get plenty of rest, and to respect your body during its healing process.

Combining cleansing and seasonal changes can be helpful and lend a sense of ritual and unity to your cleanse, but it isn’t necessary, and it isn’t even that important. The best thing you can do for your self when it comes to cleansing, is to choose a time that is right for you. Cleanse at your convenience, not during times of unusual stress, and begin as soon as you are ready.

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