5 Colon Cleansing Benefits

Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN & Amy Coates, RHN, BSc.

The symptoms associated with a dirty colon are very common these days. Yet, many people fail to see the need or urgency for cleansing until they begin to battle with these symptoms. Chances are you’ve experienced constipation or diarrhea before now, and I am very sure you will hate to remember the day you suffered either of these two conditions – very disturbing, right? In fact, it’ll be very careless of you to wait till those symptoms begin to manifest before you cleanse your colon.

Here are 5 colon cleansing benefits:

  1. weight loss

  2. lessening of constipation

  3. reducing the risk of colonic cancer

  4. elimination of dirrhea

  5. healthy skin

Weight Loss – This is one of the most significant benefits to colon cleansing. Accumulation of solid food wastes on the walls of the colon significantly increases the weight of the colon to about 10 times its normal weight. Shedding off such significant amount of weight through colon cleansing is worth celebrating really because the cleansing will reduce both the size and weight of your colon to its normal, healthy anatomical level. This cleansing helps to restore the health of your colon.

Lessening of Constipation - When the walls of the colon are laden with unwanted food substances, free passage of food will be hindered due to the presence of friction between the walls of the colon and the food wastes on motion. This, of course, results in constipation, and since colon cleansing will flush out the substances responsible for this friction, cleansing is known to have a positive effect in reducing constipation.

Reducing the Risk of Colonic Cancer – Another very important benefit of colon cleansing is the ability to reduce the risk of having cancer of the colon. Routine colon cleaning is a very good way to minimize the risk of having colonic cancer because it helps keep the colon free of cancerous mutations.

Elimination of Diarrhea – Is also a very important, if not the most important, benefit of colon cleansing. Diarrhea is believed to increase the amount of water contained in the stool thereby making it more difficult to solidify. The major cause of diarrhea is the presence of irritable and toxic substances (ie. food allergies), which a clean and healthy colon can help remove.

Healthy Skin – Another notable effect of intestinal cleansing is its ability to keep your skin fresh. This is no magic, it’s just because a clean colon paves the way for better nutrient absorption, which nourish the skin. It’s that simple!

Other benefits of routine colon cleansing include reduced rate of constipation, efficient digestive system, increased energy levels, and general good condition of health.

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