A Natural Bowel Detox

bowel detoxA natural bowel detox, or colon cleanse, can be achieved without tonics, gimmicks, or special fasts.

Cleansing the colon can be done through a healthy diet, over just a few weeks. The best thing about a natural bowel detox is it helps you establish lifelong eating habits to keep you healthy.

When you begin your day by drinking plenty of water and eating only fresh fruits before noon, you encourage a bowel detox through a bowel movement to flush out toxins your body has fought to eliminate over night. The morning is a prime time for the elimination of toxic waste, which is why what you eat at the beginning of your day matters the absolute most.

Excellent breakfast fruits include papaya, cantaloupe, and all types of berries. Bananas are another wonderful fruit to start your day. Bananas are sweet, but they are also fibrous and contain plenty of potassium, which will help you stay hydrated and improve your energy levels.

To continue your bowel detox after noon, raw or steamed vegetables are ideal. Chewing your food well will do much for your digestive system. When you chew, you release enzymes not otherwise released, and they help you break down and absorb the nutrients from your food.

To continue your bowel detox throughout your day, eat plenty of vegetables during lunch and dinner.

An excellent option for lunch is a salad of mixed greens, like spinach or kale, and vegetables, like broccoli, tomato, and red or green peppers. Including lean fish or chicken is also acceptable. Instead of salad dressing, squeeze on some fresh lemon and season with a touch of sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

For dinner, a lean, organic meat, preferably from a grass-fed animal, can be mixed with a steamed vegetable during a bowel detox. The meat, if you choose to eat meat, will provide plenty of protein and certain B vitamins and beneficial fats. If the meat is from a grass-fed animal, or if you eat fish, such as salmon, it will provide omega-3 fatty acids, which are excellent for colon cleansing.

Eating meat with a green vegetable will ensure your body has the fiber it needs, as well as other nutrients to keep the colon cleansed and move the meat through your system. There is no need for an additional carbohydrate or grain with this meal, but if you would like one, try a whole grain, like brown rice, amaranth or quinoa.

Do not eat wheat during a bowel detox.

Eating the way we have described will fill you up, keep you healthy, and give you a natural bowel detox. You don’t need tonics or fad diets for a colon cleanse, just whole foods as part of a cleansing diet. Eating to bowel detox will also teach you how to eat better for the rest of your life.

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