Total Wellness Cleanse Testimonials

Tweet I just completed the cleanse and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the program. The recipes are delicious and very satisfying. My skin broke out during the first 2 weeks of the cleanse but now the glow is starting to shine through. Doing the cleanse helped me get my eating in perspective [...]

Total Wellness Cleanse Reviews

Tweet I felt myself gaining more energy and feeling lighter and more spunk to my step….. I participated in the 30 days Total Wellness Cleanse program and have learned a lot. It was a tough first day since I love my coffee and had caffeine withdrawal headaches the first day. But once I got thru [...]

Total Wellness Cleanse Testimonials

Tweet I have just completed the 30-day Total Wellness Cleanse and the results have exceeded my expectations….. I lost 7 pounds, and am now at a very comfortable weight that I have been struggling to reach for almost 2 years – and this time I didn’t struggle at all!  I also lost an inch around [...]

Detox Diet Menu

Tweet When it comes to cleansing, the right detox diet menu is all you need!   If you are looking to start a natural, full body cleanse, you came to the right place. My 30-day detox will help you shed unwanted pounds, get rid of parasites, and get back to the healthy body you deserve. [...]

Not So Harsh Cleansing Diet

Tweet Ready for a not-so-harsh cleansing diet? One you can stick to because it doesn’t require starving, strange tonics, or dubious pills? Welcome to the Total Wellness Cleanse, a diet which relies on whole, natural foods, and not on miracles, to give you the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Maybe you’ve tried other cleanses, or [...]

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