Client Journey’s – Total Wellness Cleanse

Tweet Thanks to the inspirational emails I was motivated every day to keep up the good work! I enjoyed the Cleanse.  I was mystified at first by the menus but once I found the things that I liked and worked out how to live without cooked food it got much easier.  Admittedly I gave up [...]

30-Day ECourse on Eating Right For a Healthier Life

Tweet Wondering why you might need a detox? Do you know about the toxic side of foods? Why certain foods improve the functioning of your body and others disrupt it? These are all very important questions, and the answers to them mean much when it comes to your health. We believe everyone needs to know [...]

Is a Colonic Good for Weight Loss?

Tweet Many people like colonics, but is a colonic good for weight loss? Colonics can help remove fecal matter and parasites from our colons, but they will not, alone, help with weight-loss. There is actually a much better way to get a natural colon cleanse and lose weight using whole foods. Many people like colonics [...]

Optimal Stomach Flora

Tweet Optimal stomach flora are a necessity if you are going to feel your best. Keeping our bodies healthy requires creating and maintaining the conditions for optimal stomach flora to thrive in our stomachs and colons. These optimal stomach flora, or probiotics, are as important to our health as our immune systems, as they not [...]

Top Detox Tips

Tweet Here are few top detox tips for getting detoxed and staying detoxed! 1. Water: This tops the top detox tips list! It almost doesn’t need an explanation. Water is used in every bodily process, and is necessary for keeping the organs in prime function. When you don’t drink enough water, the body pulls it [...]

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