How Do I Rid My Body of Toxins from Everyday Chemicals?

Tweet Even when we are careful, chemicals can creep into our bodies through our nose, skin, and food. Normal products, like household cleaners, soaps, shampoos and make-up may all contain harmful substances. In a healthy body, most of these are filtered back out, or counteracted by natural defenses, but in people who are already toxic [...]

Can You Heal Your Body If You Change to Healthy Diet?

Tweet We aren’t promising miracles, but we can tell you your health will seriously improve if you begin to eat better. The amount of fat on your body will decrease, good digestion and nutrient uptake will increase, and your toxic load will take a big dive. These factors equal fewer diseases, aches, pains, and general [...]

Is a Colonic Good for Weight Loss?

Tweet Many people like colonics, but is a colonic good for weight loss? Colonics can help remove fecal matter and parasites from our colons, but they will not, alone, help with weight-loss. There is actually a much better way to get a natural colon cleanse and lose weight using whole foods. Many people like colonics [...]

Colonic Cleansing – Does it Work?

Tweet The question: Colonic cleansing – Does it work? Colonic cleansing, or colonics, is a hydrotherapy method of colon cleansing. It has benefits, and it can temporarily help remove wastes and parasites from our colons, but it is not effective by itself, and it is not the best way to get a natural colon cleanse. [...]

Is a Water Cleanse Diet Safe?

Tweet Is a water cleanse diet safe? A water cleanse diet, or a water-fast, is a very extreme way to cleanse your body. Not only is there a major reduction in nutrients, it immediately begins to flood your body with stored toxins, and it is possible to become very ill. While no one has died [...]

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