Do I Need a Multivitamin While Cleansing?

Tweet My doctor recommends supplements – do I need a multivitamin? While we stress that the best nutrients come from foods, not supplements, we also realize that taking a daily multivitamin may be necessary for some people. While body cleansing, it is wise to eat the most nutritious, whole foods possible to give your body [...]

Cleansing your Way to Acne Free Skin

Tweet There is one sure way to get acne free skin: clean up your diet! If you are cleansing or detoxing for the first time, you will likely experience many symptoms and feelings of discomfort on your way to acne free skin. Some of these symptoms will be inward, or emotional, such as moodiness or [...]

Can Barley Grass Cause Headaches?

Tweet Barley grass is a fabulous detox companion. While common detox symptoms can include mild to severe headaches, it is unlikely that barley grass itself is causing your headache. Often, headaches are caused by withdrawals, such as from alcohol and caffeine, or from expanded blood vessels, which can be caused by a number of factors, [...]

Should I Cleanse if I am Underweight?

Tweet Whether you are underweight because of an illness, a poor diet, or for any other reason, you can still benefit from cleansing without further compromising your health. Cleansing does not necessarily cause weight loss. In those who aren’t eating enough solid foods, or have a poor appetite from illness, cleansing can actually stimulate appetite [...]

Is pH Balance Important for Your Health?

Tweet Many people are familiar with the term pH balance, and some may even know, generally, what we mean when we discuss the body’s pH. For those who are just getting acquainted with the term, or who have an idea, but are not totally clear, it is important to know that the body’s pH is [...]

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