Dangers of Herbal Laxatives

Tweet Just because certain laxatives are herbal, doesn’t mean they are good for you For instance, the majority of herbal colon cleansers and laxatives on the market, are meant to fool you into believing they are healthy and safe, when, in fact, they contain hidden dangers, mostly due to cheap production. Here is a list [...]

Dangers of Colon Cleansing Herbs

Tweet Let’s talk about the dangers of colon cleansing herbs… While there are a few herbs on the market that can aid in a colon cleanse, the majority of herbal colon cleansers available are best avoided. Some of them contain things like pesticides, herbicides, animal tissues, wheat, soy, common sand, and sugar. All of these [...]

Best Way to Get Natural Vitamin D

Tweet What is the best way to get natural vitamin D? Vitamin D is a nutrient we get mainly from sunlight. Since it is made by and stored in the skin, very few good food sources exist. Even milk fortified with vitamin D is not an adequate source, because most of the nutrients in it [...]

Vitamin D Benefits

Tweet Vitamin D benefits are starting to get noticed in the mainstream media. Vitamin D is one nutrient that deserves a lot of attention. Since it is not as easy to find in whole foods in the Western Diet, and since many of us live in colder climates with limited healthy exposure to the sun, [...]

Common Detox Herbs

Tweet There are many common detox herbs that can help your body heal and detox. These common detox herbs have individual health benefits and are great for a cleansing. Often, herbs are for specific ailments or parts of the body. There are some common detox herbs, however, that have an overall cleansing effect. Three of [...]

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