Could a Body Cleanse Harm You?

could a body cleanse harm youCould a body cleanse harm you?  Well, that depends on the cleanse.

A natural (and food-based) body cleanse is a completely natural process that takes place when you stop putting toxins into your body, and start eating foods that get toxins out. So, as long as you are cleansing your body by addressing poor eating habits, there is no harm involved.

Even quick cleanses, like the Master Cleanse, are not especially dangerous; however, for those who have specific diseases or eating disorders, there is a risk. People with health problems should never go on a cleanse that involves severe restrictions without talking to a health professional.  Quick-fix cleanses are not the most effective ones, anyway.

Could a body cleanse harm you?  What is the safest cleanse?

The safest, natural cleanse doesn’t involve tonics or severe calorie reductions. It involves eating better. There is no need for potions, powders or pills while cleansing. All you need is nutritious, whole foods. Replacing the toxic foods in your diet with healthy, natural fare will be all you really need.

A secondary benefit of eating better and getting healthier is weight loss. If you are overweight and typically eat foods that are overly processed, sugary, or if you eat dairy products, cutting these out and increasing your water intake will cause you to shed pounds of fat.

The best body cleanse for weight loss is one that helps address the dietary and lifestyle habits that created the problem in the first place. Anything else is simply a waste of your time and money.

For those who don’t need to lose weight but want more energy and better health, a cleanse may cause a small fluctuation in pounds, but will not significantly reduce your size.

Besides weight loss, the goals of a cleansing diet should always be: 1.) to address and change poor eating habits and food addictions, 2.) To heal damage to the body and remove toxins stored in fat, cells, and other tissues, 3.) To promote lifelong health. Only the Total Wellness Cleanse does all of this.

Could a body cleanse harm you?  What about the Total Wellness Cleanse?

The Total Wellness Cleanse is not dangerous, even for those with diabetes or other diseases because it is designed to give you optimum nutrition. During the cleanse, you eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, drink plenty of water and avoid sugary, processed foods. In the beginning, your goal is to get eggs, dairy, wheat, refined flour, sugar, colors and preservatives out of your diet altogether. Later, these foods can be increased to occasional indulgences.

Caffeine will also be cut, as it is a diuretic that taxes your body, dehydrates you, and saps your energy, causing a crash. You will be surprised at the difference you will feel once you remove these toxic elements from your diet and start eating foods as nature intended. Not only will you not endanger your health – you will vastly improve it.

If you are considering a cleanse, there is nothing to fear.  Overcoming gripping food addictions and bad eating habits is exciting. Once you begin your cleanse, your energy will be better than it ever was. Since great food is naturally healing, you may even find that you are free of aches, pains and pesky allergies. The best way to know is to get started right now!

Could a body cleanse harm you is something you’ll never ask again, rather, you’ll be asking yourself why you ever waited to start living your life with so much energy!

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