Maple Syrup Detox – The Harsh Reality!

maple syrup detoxThe maple syrup detox is widely known as the Master Cleanse.

It is a detox program during which you drink a mixture of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The Maple Syrup Detox claims to help detoxify your body and cause rapid weight loss. Despite its claims, the Maple Syrup Detox can’t help you permanently reach your goals.

The first reason the Maple Syrup Detox doesn’t really work is that maple syrup is not ideal for cleansing. Maple syrup actually spikes your blood sugar, causing your pancreas to work overtime. Although it is natural, maple syrup behaves a lot like a refined sugar. For those dealing with candida or high blood sugar, avoiding maple syrup and other sugars is a good idea.

The Maple Syrup Detox is a starvation diet.

During the maple syrup detox, your body is getting only sugar and lemon juice.  Your body needs a wide variety of nutrients, and will be starved of these as long as you are on this diet.  Using the maple syrup detox for one to three days can help break the toxic food cycle when you start a cleanse, but only if you follow through with a healthy, natural diet. The maple syrup detox may help you reduce calories and shed a few toxins, but true cleansing involves healing and reprogramming your body. Unless you address poor eating habits and overcome your food addictions, you cannot hope to stay cleansed and detoxed.

The maple syrup detox is a quick fix band-aid solution.

If you use the maple syrup detox as a quick fix, you will find that you often have a need to fast yourself and lose weight again, because your old eating habits will still be present. When you don’t eat right, you create the conditions for illness, fatigue and weight gain. You start to enter a cycle, during which you never really become fully healthy.

Breaking this cycle, losing weight, staying fit, and creating health and energy will require more of you than simply embarking on a crash detox like the Maple Syrup Detox. You have to address your eating habits and change them. Stop eating toxic and refined foods, learn how to restore health to your digestive system and your entire body, and start eating a more natural diet.

You need to change your lifestyle so you feel and look your best all the time and treat your body right.  You deserve the best detox diet. A Maple Syrup Detox is only a temporary solution, which means it isn’t a solution at all and you deserve more than that.

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