What’s Acid Got To Do With It? Problems of an Acidic Diet

What does it mean when we talk about an “acidic” diet? Which foods are acidic, and why is eating acidic foods bad for you? If you have been wanting to know a little bit more about how eating habits effect your health and your body’s pH balance, you’re not alone.

First, what are we referring to when we talk about your body’s pH balance? We assume you have an idea, but it is important you know exactly what we are referring to. When we talk about pH balance, we are talking about the scale with which you can measure the balance between the acidity and alkalinity of  your blood.

The reason it is so important, is that your body goes to great lengths to maintain a balance that is more alkaline. It does this to keep its biochemical functions stable. This biochemical stability then translates into increased blood flow and increased oxygen and nutrients to your blood and brain.

When the body becomes more acidic, the pH balance is thrown off, and the result is poor health and loss of blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients. This acidic environment then causes all of your bodily systems, including your liver, kidneys, and digestive system to become overburdened. In your colon and digestive tract, the acidic environment causes the living enzymes that help break down your food to die.

The loss of living enzymes in your digestive tract then translates to even more loss of nutrients and creates the build up of undigested food and uneliminated fecal matter. Parasites and fungi can then live on the build up within your colon, where they feast and secrete toxic wastes into your body. Rotting food and fecal matter can also enlarge the pores in your intestine and cause food substances to leak directly into your blood stream.

This leaking is a process referred to as leaky gut syndrome, and further sighted as autointoxication.

This is how a body and diet that are too acidic can cause your health to gradually decline. You will become tired, weak, unmotivated, moody, depressed, or outright ill as a result.

The good news? This is totally preventable and can even be reversed by eating alkaline foods, like fresh fruit and vegetables, and avoiding dairy, eggs, sugar, and other processed foods.

Avoiding toxic foods in favor of a more alkaline healthy diet is well worth it since, as you can plainly see, an acidic body, that tips one’s blood too much towards the acid side of the pH scale, leads to a chain reaction of ill health. The truth is, almost nothing can effect your health as drastically and quickly as the food you eat. Eating a diet made up mostly of fresh, alkaline fruits and vegetables is the way to keep your body’s pH balanced and healthy.

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