Cleansing Colon Without Colonics

Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN & Amy Coates, RHN, BSc.

The colon is the last part of the digestive tract and its main function is to extract water and other absorbable substances from solid waste before they are finally eliminated from the body.

In the colon, toxic wastes are often also absorbed alongside water from solid waste if the waste remains too long in the body. This absorption of toxins is what some experts have tagged as the theory of autointoxication.

The theory of "autointoxication" states that stagnation of the large intestine (colon) causes toxins to form that are absorbed and poison the body.

Some researchers claim that the large intestine is like a "sewage system" that becomes a "cesspool" if neglected while some others state that constipation causes indigestion of food and eventual wastage due to hardened feces accumulation for months (or even years) on the walls of the large intestine and blockage of proper absorption or elimination channels.

In any case, the colon must not be left “unkempt” because it remains a very vital organ that needs regular cleaning.

Colonics involve the use of warm, disinfected water, which is passed through the rectum to bathe off waste products from the colon. Colonics are also known as hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation.

Often times, many colonic therapists explained that years and years of fecal matter can become stuck in the guts and fasten to the walls of our intestines, even though there has not been any medical proof to substantiate this claim.

That a patient is chronically constipated does not mean he or she has dirty or unclean intestines; this has been shown by the cameras used during colonoscopies and by the observations of surgeons during intestinal surgery. Therefore, this claim has not medical basis.

Properly handled colonics will not be painful.

However, some medical experts have warned against the use of colonics to cleanse the colon because they believe colonics can eradicate the symbiotic bacteria culture in the colon.

Therefore, cleansing colon without colonics is a safer way to cleanse your colon; after all colonics are more expensive.

No colonics cleansing of the colon entails the use of intestinal cleansers, homeopathic remedies and plant enzymes.

Cleansing the colon without colonics, however, requires being cautious and understanding the right diet you should take.

The danger of not using colonics cleansing of the colon depends upon how much they are used and whether they are substituted for necessary medical care or not. But the truth remains; with regular and steady colon cleansing, you may not need to see a doctor for cleansing.

Fasting for example is part of natural methods of cleansing the colon, which is quite harmless but very dangerous if done too much.

Therefore, cleansing the colon without colonics is very possible, safer and better.


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