Colon Cleanse Diets

Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN & Amy Coates, RHN, BSc.

Colon cleansing is immensely beneficial to all people. Unavoidably we fill our bodies with toxins, heavy metal and fats over the years. While fish is considered a staple in any healthy diet, it also contains excessive amounts of heavy metal that is ingested from the waters they live in. This is true of both fresh water and farm raised fish. Drinking unfiltered tap water is also a cause of heavy metal detoxification. Symptoms that your body is in need of detoxification are chronic irritability, fatigue and lack of mental clarity. There are many colon cleanse diets that are promoted today. Some companies offer set meal plans to follow and promise great results. Other diets involve the highly controversial Acai berry. Supplements and pills are also available for colon cleansing. The holistic colon cleansing diet is the easiest type to follow and offers outstanding results in just 30 days.

Holistic colon cleanse diets require only two things. The first is to eat non-sweet fruit or greens until noon each day. No need to worry about being hungry. Fruits and veggies contain a high amount of fiber which helps curb huger pains. Their natural sugars will help tame sweet cravings and the high water content is beneficial in flushing toxins from your system. Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are packed with antioxidants to help fight off free radicals.

Cranberries offer a variety of benefits including improvement in blood circulation and relief from asthma. Cranberries have also been proven to protect the brain from neurological damage. Bananas are another super fruit. They contain potassium that will provide energy and help regulate blood pressure. If you suffer from lower leg muscle cramps then eating a banana each day will help relieve that pain. Cantaloupe is another power packed fruit. It contains Vitamin A and C and has been proven to be beneficial for rheumatism, arthritis and skin diseases.

The second step is to eat lunch and dinner meals that do not mix carbohydrates and proteins. The digestive enzymes needed to breakdown these partially negate each other in the digestive tract. The result is slowed digestion which allows the body to absorb more harmful nutrients and less positive nutrients. Instead of steak and potatoes try steak and green beans. Steamed vegetables with no butter are perfect for colon cleanse diets. Salad with chicken or wild fish is also a safe alternative. Dark, leafy greens such as romaine and baby spinach, offer extra calcium as well as other powerful nutrients for detoxing your body.

Within the first week of following this holistic cleansing diet you will discover an increase in energy and mental clarity. After the full 30 days your body will feel rejuvenated. Your skin will appear more radiant and your complexion will begin to clear up. Colon cleansing is also ideal if you are looking to jump start a weight loss program. Many consumers that utilize a colon cleansing diet are able to loose up to 10 pounds over the course of a month.



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