Colon Cleanse - Good Or Bad?

Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN & Amy Coates, RHN, BSc.

Keeping your colon clean is very good, and it can improve your overall health. As you have probably known before now, diarrhea or constipation is very unpleasant to the body. Also, nausea, discomfort, bloating and abdominal pains are very distressful.

Yet, these are common conditions, which an ordinary regular, routine colon cleansing can help so much in eradicating or, at least, reducing the frequency of these conditions.

Most of the health conditions we have today can be traced to the bowel. Why, you may ask? Because if you don’t keep a healthy digestive system especially your colon, either by feeding well or by taking colon cleansing diets, many sicknesses and diseases can originate as a result of that.

When fecal deposits are left to seat in the colon, the absorbing power of the colon becomes drastically reduced because the deposits block the colonic walls openings which normally draw water from solid wastes as they pass through the large intestine.

With blocked colonic walls, the body gets less water while the colon gains tremendous weight, increasing from its usual 4 lb weight to even over 40 lb in some serious cases. In such cases, high concentrations of toxic substances cloud the colon with time and then force their way into the blood stream.

The good aspect of a colon cleansing program is that it removes these concentrated waste materials from the walls of the colon, thereby leaving the colon in very good condition and ready to absorb water in right amounts. And this cleansing replenishes the whole body.

Colon cleansing directly affects your digestion – it makes it faster and easier.

When the colon is clean its walls freely absorb water in the right amounts, leaving the stools with right texture – no constipation. Most of the foods we eat have sticky effects on the walls of the intestines, and they are left there constipation is unavoidable.

Therefore, regular colon cleansing is very helpful in preventing constipation by removing those sticky and hard fecal deposits from the walls of the colon.

When the colon retains those unwanted food substances (fecal matters), it increases in weight significantly – this is not a healthy condition at all. Removal of these fecal substances results reduces the weight of the colon back to normal hence the entire body weight too. This is also another reason why colon cleansing is good.

Colon cleansing is also good because it can give you:

  • Healthy skin

  • Increased energy levels

  • Normal body water level

  • Better rate of absorption of food materials

  • General feeling of sound health

Regular or periodic colon cleansing is good for you especially if you use the natural colon cleansing methods. They give you an overall feeling of sound health contrary to when you leave your colon clogged with those unwanted food substances and begin to have feelings of discomfort.


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