How To Detoxify Heavy Metal From Your Body

Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN & Amy Coates, RHN, BSc.

During our lives we slowly ingest minuscule amounts of metal. While each intake is small and insignificant, those small and insignificant amounts of metal build up. Over time the continual ingestion of metal plagues our bodies; causing us to feel fatigued, irritable and foggy. But those are just subtle symptoms of heavy metal poisoning. Research has shown long term effects of heavy metal poisoning to be linked to Alzheimers Disease and Autism in children. If you are wondering how to detoxify heavy metal from your body then here are some suggestions for you.

First, lets cover what causes heavy metal in your body. This occurs in many ways ñ silver dental fillings, vaccines and eating fish are the most common ways people ingest heavy metal. Vaccines such as those given for Hepatitis B, Tetanus and diphtheria contain mercury-based preservative. Many of our water ways are heavily contaminated with metal from ship wrecks, chemical spills and then general debris that is tossed into our waterways. Fish ingest this water and their tissue absorbs the metal. Big fish typically contain more metal because they eat smaller fish so they are getting a double dose of metal ingestion. When we get vaccines and eat certain types of food our soft tissue absorbs these metals. This can cause irreversible damage to our bodies. People who work in industrial or agricultural jobs are at a higher risk of metal ingestion than most people.

The best way to detoxify heavy metal from your body is through colon cleansing. This can be done via supplements purchased in the store, colonics performed at a doctorís office or by making changes in your diet. Over the counter supplements include enemas, laxatives and strong herbal teas to force the colon to expel its contents.

The process can be a little uncomfortable, but the benefits of improved overall health are unmatched. Colonics performed at a doctor’s office involve spring water being flushed through the rectal area. Making changes in your diet is the easiest and most cost effective of all three options. To fight off the effects of heavy metal and prevent them from being absorbed in the future, you must increase foods that fight free radicals. It is also important to increase Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Blueberries and oranges are the ideal fruit of choice in your colon cleansing diet. Garlic is also perfect for colon cleansing. A person should eat 2-3 cloves of crushed garlic daily for best results. The garlic must be crushed in order to release its natural active ingredients. Cilantro is also a good idea to detoxify heavy metal from your body. Cilantro helps mobilize mercury from the soft tissue so that it may be excreted through stool.

When choosing a colon cleansing method to detoxify heavy metal from your body it is vital to take a multi-vitamin that contains all essential minerals. A colon cleansing supplement is recommended in conjunction with change of diet to achieve best results. It is also necessary to drink a least 8-10 glasses of purified water daily to help flush out the toxins.

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