Is A Three Day Detox Diet Beneficial?

Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN & Amy Coates, RHN, BSc.

Detox diets have generated serious controversies among medical experts as well as nutritionists, but most of these diets have quite stern restrictions, and you should be very careful in taking them.

In summary, the essence of a cleansing diet is to make you feel much better, as well as give your body a chance to rest from uncontrollable or rather excessive indulgence.

Below are the steps you should follow for a 3-day detox diet:

Step 1 – Take a Break
Step 2 – Ingest liquids
Step 3 – Go on fruits
Step 4 – Dietary fibres
Step 5 – Dietary Supplements
Step 6 – Be observant

Take a break
The importance of rest cannot be overemphasized in any sphere. At least take a break and rest for a minimum of one day before starting your detox dieting. Rest prepares your body for cleansing, besides, the diet usually prevents you from doing some routines such as operation of machines or driving.

Ingest Only Liquids
Make sure you don’t take non-liquid foods for about 2 days – your meals should be only liquids, for example diluted fruit juices, pure water, honey-based drinks and so on. Note that this must be done with moderation.

Also, it is medically recommended to nourish your bodily fluid. The recommended daily fluid intake is 2.5L in order to sufficiently detoxify your total body water, which is about 60% of your body weight and also your organs of detoxification.

Go on Fruits
Any two of the under listed fruits combined with about 10 ml of honey will form a very good detox diet for you: Cucumber, papaya, water melon, apple, mango and guava, etc.

Dietary fibres
Dietary fibre - very good for bowel cleansing - intake is often advised if liquid intake is not sufficient for you during the detox period.

You can visit the internet to get the best sources of dietary fibres, but I will mention a few that could be very helpful: cereals, whole wheat-bread, whole wheat-crackers, porridge and oats, etc.

Dietary supplements
If you are on dietary supplements, stop taking them during the 2 or 3 days detox diet cleansing, you can continue immediately you finish the cleansing.

Be Observant
Being very observant is how you can ensure having the best results of this exercise. You must be careful not to violate the dos and don’ts of the 3 days detox diet.

Remember to consult with your physician before following any kind of cleansing program.


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